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If you’re the type of rider that wants the most realistic training experience possible, one that’s both fun and challenging, then the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB is the perfect addition to your KICKR trainer. And as the #1 Wahoo dealer in the US, ERIK’S and Wahoo are here to help you raise your training to a new level —quite literally  to give you the best indoor cycling experience.

Simulate biking up-hill on the KICKR CLIMB!

The KICKR CLIMB quickly raises and lowers the front of your bike to simulate climbs up to a 20% grade and descents up to 10%. When paired with a compatible KICKR and virtual training app, the CLIMB adjusts automatically to match your simulated ride. So when the road gets steeper, not only does the resistance of the KICKR increase, but the front of your bike will rise as well.

Be more productive training indoors with the KICKR CLIMB!

The benefits of the KICKR CLIMB go beyond making your indoor ride more entertaining; it also makes it more productive. As the CLIMB moves up or down, your position on your bike changes, just like it would on the road. This lets you engage your climbing muscles and improve your pedaling technique, so when you go outdoors, you’re a more powerful and efficient climber!

Make your indoor training set-up complete!

You can learn more about the complete Wahoo Trainer Ecosystem here and the Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer here.

Now are you excited for winter?

Wahoo gives you the best indoor cycling experience. With your bike and Wahoo’s great products, you can train inside, just like you train outside! Wahoo KICKR products are available at select ERIK’S locations as well as on