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The Wahoo Indoor Cycling Experience

man inside riding bike with wahoo indoor trainer

While many of us would like to ride our bikes outside year-round, it’s not always an option. Luckily, Wahoo Fitness understands this and has created some of the best indoor cycling products on the market. By using your bike that you know and love, and using Wahoo’s industry-leading technology, the Wahoo ecosystem of products allows you to train indoors just like you train outdoors. And as the #1 Wahoo dealer in the US, ERIK’S is here to help you learn all about these great products!

The Wahoo Ecosystem

The Wahoo Ecosystem gives you the most engaging, dynamic, and realistic indoor cycling experience. Check out this video for an overview:

The Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer

At the heart of Wahoo’s indoor trainer family is the KICKR Smart Trainer, one of the most realistic-feeling and quietest trainers available today. Compatible with your favorite training apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, and FulGaz, the KICKR lets you get the most out of your time on the bike while also having the most realistic road experience possible. When paired with these and other compatible apps, the KICKR will adjust resistance based on the terrain the app is replicating. You can even pair your KICKR with a Wahoo ELEMNT cycling computer to replicate your favorite outdoor routes inside on the trainer.

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Adding the KICKR CLIMB to your training setup lets you add another level of realism to your workout. The KICKR CLIMB raises and lowers the front of your bike to simulate climbs up to a 20% grade and descents of up to 10%. When paired with a compatible KICKR, the CLIMB adjusts automatically to match your simulated ride, making your indoor cycling experience more realistic, dynamic, and engaging. The CLIMB can also be adjusted in manual mode right from your handlebar. So aside from making your indoor ride more entertaining, what does the CLIMB do for you? The CLIMB allows you to more natural position yourself on the bike as you would on a climb, engaging the same muscles as you would on the road and improving your pedaling technique.

The Wahoo KICKR Headwind

If you’ve ridden indoors, you’ve probably spent time trying to position a box fan just right to keep you cool. And you’ve probably been frustrated by the lack of cooling you actually get as the wind is quickly dispersed. The KICKR Headwind is the solution. The Headwind is a Bluetooth-connected smart fan that delivers targeted airflow as you ride. You can control it manually or pair it with smart trainers, heart rate monitors, and speed sensors to gauge workout intensity and automatically adjust the fan’s speed based on your efforts. The fan targets airflow at your body, where you need it most, delivering a headwind of up to 30 miles per hour to keep you cool during your toughest training sessions.

Wahoo Floormat

A few key accessories will help you round out your trainer suite. The KICKR Trainer Floormat is water-resistant and anti-slip to keep your floors clean and your trainer in place. Its thickness also helps insulate noise.

Easy Setup

Setting up your KICKR training system is amazingly easy. Most KICKR products are fully assembled in the box or only require a few bolts. And the tools are even included! Once assembled, setting your bike into the system is equally simple. Just remove the required wheels, use the included endcaps, and secure your quick releases or thru-axles.

Pairing the KICKR products and your smart devices is also super simple. The ANT+ or Bluetooth connections practically connect themselves.

When you’re done with your training session, your bike comes out of the KICKR products quickly and easily, and the KICKR products can be stored away, taking up very little space.

Wahoo KICKR Indoor Cycling Set-up

Ready to start training indoors?

Wahoo gives you the best indoor cycling experience. With your bike and Wahoo’s great products, you can train inside, just like you train outside! Wahoo KICKR products are available at select ERIK’S locations as well as on