Using Ski & Snowboard Locks – Tips to Secure your Gear

ski and snowboard lock

While out ripping up the hills, the last thing you want to worry about is your gear getting lost or stolen. One of the easiest ways to prevent this from happening is the use of a ski and snowboard lock. We have also developed a list of some other tips and tricks to make sure your gear is secure even when taking a break from the powder.

Ski & Snowboard Locks

While lost or stolen skis and snowboards don’t happen often, it is still something we hear from customers and employees as an issue from time to time. It may not even be a malicious act but rather an honest mistake of mixing up a board or skis with another. A ski and snowboard lock is the easiest way to prevent this and keep your mind at ease. These locks are often small enough to fit in a pocket and simple to use even while wearing gloves.

Dakine and Burton Snowboard locks

These locks are small cable locks with a dial code to unlock them. Both Burton and Dakine have similar options that work very well. Simply pull the retractable cable out and lock it around the binding on the skis or snowboard. You can lock the cable around a stationary object, generally, the ski or snowboard stands at resorts. While these locks will keep your skis or snowboard secure, they are generally meant to be used for short periods of time. For example, leaving your gear unattended when going inside the chalet.

showing ski and snowboard lock in use

A simple and inexpensive lock could prevent a trip to the store for a whole new setup. Check out our lock options and keep your gear safe!

Check Out a Few other Tips!

No Ski and Snowboard Lock? Try a Bike Lock

Maybe you are in a pinch or need something a little more secure than the small ski and snowboard cable locks. A bike lock will be a bit bulkier and harder to carry around but will have some added security if you need to leave your gear for a longer period of time. Pro tip: If you wear a backpack while skiing or boarding, it makes it much easier to carry a bike lock.

Mixing Skis

This is a skier-exclusive tip. You may find yourself at the slopes with a friend but forget your lock. Switch a ski with your partner. This may help prevent your skis from being the target of theft since most people don’t want two mismatched skis.

mismatch skis at hill to prevent theft

Stay Within Eyesight

This one may be a bit self-explanatory. If all else fails and you need to head inside to get something to eat and are without a lock. It is best to find somewhere outside or near a window where you can check on your skis or snowboard and make sure it is safe.

Photos and Serial Number

Make sure you have photos saved of your skis or snowboard and also note the serial numbers. If anything does happen to your gear, this will ensure that you have the proper information to report it and/or make an insurance claim.

Get Out and Enjoy the Snow!

Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy a nice snowy day on the hills with peace of mind. Check out to purchase a ski and snowboard lock online or head into your local ERIK’S shop! We love to hear your tips on how you keep your gear secure!