Best Electric Bikes In 2022 – For Everyone!

Top eBikes in 2022

At ERIK’S, we love electric bikes! We have been passionate about electric bikes since we first started selling them over 20 years ago. We wanted to highlight some of the best electric bikes for 2022 that we are very excited about. Keep reading to learn about our picks for the top 2022 electric bikes – for everyone!

Best All-Around E-Bike:

Specialized Turbo Como Electric Bike

The Como is comfortable, practical, affordable, fast, and . . . FUN!

“The Como opens up the world of long-distance rides to those that don’t ride long distances. Keep the comfort but go the distance. Now you don’t have to compromise between being built for comfort and built for speed, the Como is built for both. With a look that is as integrated as its ride, the Como blurs the lines of the human/machine interface.” ~Patrick Sheedy, ERIK’S Rochester, MN

Models: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0

Best electric bike 2022 commuter specialized como

FeaturefeaturefffFeatured: Specialized Como 5.0 Step Thru

Specialized Turbo Como SL Electric Bike

Models: 4.0, 5.0


Featured: Specialized Turbo Como SL 4.0 Step Thru

The Como E-Bikes (without SL in their name) features a 250w “full power” system. Como SL eBikes feature the SL or “Super Light” system. To learn more about the difference between these two models watch this video.

Best Commuter E-Bike:

Specialized Vado Electric Bike

Ready. Set. Go green! The Vado is fully equipped to take the place of your car.

“I got a Vado right after they were released and to date, it’s still my favorite bike EVER. It doesn’t feel like you’re riding anything with a “motor”… it just feels like you are all of a sudden superpowered. I found myself riding daily. Longer, harder, so many more miles. This bike is a game changer!!” ~Christie Kennelly, ERIK’S Sioux Falls, SD

Right out of the box commuter. If these would have been around 10 years ago I never would have bought my car. They’re fun, they’re efficient, and they’re great for the environment.~Dylan Gawne, ERIK’S Manager, Eden Prairie, MN

Models: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0

2022 specialized vado 4.0 step thru

Featured: Specialized Vado 4.0 Step Thru

Specialized Vado SL Electric Bike

Models: 4.0, 5.0, 4.0 Equipped, 5.0 Equipped

2022 specialized vado 5.0 SL

Featured: Specialized Vado 5.0 SL EQ

The Vado E-Bikes (without SL in their name) features a 250w “full power” system. Vado SL eBikes feature the SL or “Super Light” system. To learn more about the difference between these two models watch this video.

Best E-Bike On A Budget:

Aventon Pace Electric Bike

Aventon E-Bikes have a lot of bang for the buck – value, performance, and comfort.

“At very modest price points, Aventon E-Bikes allow a much wider group of riders the luxury of affording an awesome e-bike whether they plan to use it for commuting or just leisurely rides.” ~Trevor Dosch, ERIK’S Highland Park, St. Paul, MN

“I was honestly blown away by how powerful the Aventon was. For the price, this is an incredible option for anyone in the e-bike market.” ~Aaron Maurer, ERIK’S Liberty, MO

Models: 350, 500

Featured:Aventon Pace 500 Next-Gen

Best E-Bike For Storage And Convenience:

Sometimes you are traveling or short on space in your home and need a bike to accommodate your lifestyle. Look no further than the Aventon Sinch electric folding bike, which folds into tighter spaces.

Aventon Sinch Electric Fat Folding Bike

Featured: Aventon Sinch Step Thru

Best Electric Mountain Bike: 

Specialized Levo Electric Mountain Bike

The Levo looks just like an analog MTB – but you’ll feel superhuman riding it. The Levo is available in the models listed below in both standard and superlight (SL) models.

“Being able to hit gnarly jumps, rip technical trails, and flat out fly up hills, this bike is insanely fun to ride.” ~ Lance Nelson, ERIK’S Roseville, MN

Models: Base, Comp, Expert, Pro, S-Works

Featured: Specialized Levo Comp Carbon

Best Electric Road Bike:

Specialized Turbo Creo Electric Road Bike

The Creo is smooth, fast, and light. 26.8 pounds light to be exact.

“The Creo is the e-bike that everybody never knew they needed! It’s smooth, fast, and just gives the most amazing ride! The Evo is especially sweet! Gravel is a huge deal around here and with the Creo Evo you never have to miss out on a gravel ride!” ~Christie Kennelly, ERIK’S Sioux Falls, SD

Models: S-Works, S-Works Evo, Expert, Expert Evo, Comp Carbon, Comp Carbon Evo, E5 Comp

Featured: Specialized Creo SL Expert

Best Electric Fat Tire Bike:

A fat tire bike is an awesome way to crush over terrain that you might not normally bike on. Turn that fat tire bike into an electric fat tire bike and what can’t you do?

Norco Bigfoot VLT Electric Fat Tire Bike

Models: VLT 1 & VLT 2

Featured: Norco Bigfoot VLT 1

Best E-Bike For Your Kid:

Stacyc Electric Balance Bike

Stacyc is an (almost) futuristic seeming way for your kid to learn how to bike.

“I’m mad that these weren’t around when I was a kid. This is a Power Wheels® that really rips!” ~Joe K., ERIK’S Corporate, Minneapolis, MN

Models: 12“, 16

Stacyc 2021 16 eDrive Kids Electric Run Bike

Featured: Stacyc 16 eDrive Kids Electric Run Bike

Which E-Bike Is Calling Your Name?

Keep perusing our top-of-the-line inventory here or, when you’re ready to feel like a kid again – stop into your local ERIK’S to take a FREE test ride. It’s never too late to up your cycling game – for sport or pleasure. The amazing, incredible electric bike will help you do just that!

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