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The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Puts YOU In Control!

specialized stumpjumper evo mountain bike

From how it handles in all conditions to the adjustable geometry, the Specialized Stumpjumper EVO lets you control everything: You choose the size, you set up the geometry, and you stay in control of the bike. Regardless of the conditions in front of you.

You Are In Control

Trail riders need a bike that will keep them in control, no matter the conditions. But, those conditions can change from trail to trail. One trail may offer an easy climb to the top with a flowing descent. Another trail may be closer to a Cross-Country course where you’re climbing up a challenging climb. One may not feature a climb at all; you may get to the top using a shuttle or a lift. No matter the trail, you need a bike that can handle the ups and downs!

New for Fall of 2021, The Stumpjumper Evo Alloy with SWAT!

The new Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Alloy with sparks behind

The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Alloy is now available. It has all of the same amazing features as the carbon models, just in an Alloy frame! 

This includes SWAT! Specialized created a unique door and bezel for the alloy frame construction, and the storage volume is comparable to the carbon Stumpjumper. It will be available in the Comp, Elite, and Frame Set. 

Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Alloy with SWAT

Adjustable Geometry

First, the Stumpjumper Evo runs on 160mm of travel in the front and 150mm in the back. This is the perfect amount of travel to balance pedaling ability and descending control.

The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO sets itself apart from any other trail bike in the market today. With adjustable geometry the Stumpjumper EVO allows you to choose from 6 different geometry configurations so you’re sure to find a setup that fits the trail that you’re riding today.

Wait, 6 different geometries? You betcha!

At the back of the bike, you can adjust the Horst link which will adjust the bottom bracket height 10mm and add 5mm to the chainstay length. The bottom bracket height adjusts from 332mm-342mm. This will let you set how you want the bike to sit over the ground. Lower for more planted, higher for more nimble.

At the front of the bike is an adjustable headtube bearing cup that gives you three different headtube angle settings – 65.5, 64.5, or 63.5 degrees. This allows you to change how far the front end is out in front of you for the conditions you are riding in.

Headset Bearing Cup Options

Do you spend a lot of time in one area that has flowy singletrack where you want a quick and nimble bike? Set it up in the high position and set the headtube at a 65.5-degree position. Then, when you take that trip out west where you’re bombing down the hill and blasting through deep rock gardens, drop the bottom bracket and rake out that front end. The choice is yours! And all of these adjustments are super quick and simple. You can even do them in the parking lot in-between runs!

Changing the headset cup bearing

You Want a Mullet?

The Stumpjumper EVO is built primarily as a 29er bike. However, riders can run a mixed 29″ front and 27.5″ rear wheel, AKA a Mullet, using an aftermarket suspension link.

Improved Suspension Kinematics

The kinematics of the rear 150mm of travel was re-worked from the previous Stumpjumper EVO. Specialized took what they learned from the Demo Downhill and the Enduro Enduro bike and applied much of that to Stumpjumper EVO. All of the pivot points were moved slightly to improve the bump performance on square-edge hits. At the same time, this improved the pedaling performance.

These changes improved the anti-squat characteristics of the suspension which gives you a better pedaling platform without bobbing. This also improves small bump compliance and big-hit performance.

As the rear wheel moves through its travel, it moves slightly inward towards the rider. This allows the wheel to get out of the way of bumps as you roll into them. Then, the wheel moves forward to absorb those bigger hits. The 2021 Stumpjumper EVO’s revamped kinematics makes the wheel move inward slightly more than the bigger travel Enduro model. This results in fewer hangups and smoother rollover when you encounter bigger, square edge bumps.

These changes have also had a positive impact on the leverage curve of the suspension. The suspension is super sensitive to the small bumps at the beginning of the travel, continues to support in the middle of the travel for mid-range bumps, and then really handles the large impacts and resists bottom-out at the end of the travel.


The overall geometry of the Stumpjumper EVO can be described as Aggressive Progressive Geometry: Long, low, slack, with a short offset fork. Stable yet nimble, with a steeper seat tube angle that allows for more efficient climbing in the seated position.

S-Sizing Chart

Sizing has been totally reimagined for the Stumpjumper EVO, making it easier for riders to choose a frame size that matches their riding style. No longer will you see the traditional extra small to double extra-large. Specialized is now using their S-Sizing for the Stumpjumper EVO with sizes ranging from S1 to S6. The standover height is super generous so that most riders will have up to 3 different sizes that they can ride. A rider will choose the smaller sizes if they want a bike that is nimble and whippable while other riders will choose the bigger sizes if they value the stability of a bigger frame with a longer reach.

The frame of the Stumpjumper EVO has been redesigned to deliver even more stiffness from the beefier sidearm design giving riders an even more responsive ride.

Deep berm with the Stumpjumper EVO

There are two different rear triangle lengths to better match the forces that are being delivered to the different size frames. The S1 through S4 frames get a 437mm rear triangle while the S5 and S6 frames get a 447mm rear triangle. This better matches the overall wheelbase of the bike for the size of the rider in the saddle.

FACT 11m Carbon Fiber

Each Stumpjumper EVO frame is Rider-First engineered and follows the Beyond Gender philosophy to deliver bikes that are designed for riders, not genders. Each size is designed to deliver perfectly tuned performance to each frame size and the riders who ride them. And, the same 11m FACT Carbon frame is used all the way through the line, from the Comp all the way up to the S-Works models!

SWAT, Baby!

Topping off the awesomeness of the Stumpjumper EVO are the beloved SWAT capabilities. There is a SWAT bottle cage and tool mounted to the SWAT door, which opens up a SWAT storage compartment that is 15% bigger than the previous frame. Included with the Stumpy EVO is one SWAT Pod to store whatever you want, probably emergency supplies or food or a jacket or whatever. New for this year is the SWAT Bladder, a 22oz canteen that is designed to fit perfectly in the SWAT compartment!

Riders in on roots

The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO truly blurs the line between trail and enduro. From flowy singletrack to gnarly chunder, Stumpjumper EVO can handle it. And you have the ability to fine-tune how it handles, quickly and easily, based on the terrain that you are riding. The suspension is designed to tuck your rear wheel up behind you when you have those big square hits while the horst link suspension maintains all of the pedaling efficiency that it is known for.

Ready to check out these awesome bikes?

Check out the Specialized Evo models online for specs and store availability, then head to your local ERIK’S for a free test ride. See for yourself how the Specialized Evo helps you handle any terrain in front of you!