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The S-Works EXOS EVO XC Race Shoes from Specialized, All Terrain, No Weight

The S-Works EXOS EVO XC Race Shoes from Specialized

Specialized has just released their lightest off-road shoe to date, the S-Works EXOS EVO XC race shoe!

Using a Dyneema® upper and a FACT Carbon Fiber sole, the S-Works EXOS EVO weighs in at a featherweight 231 grams!

Micro-Adjust BOA® Li2 dial

Micro-Adjust from BOA® Li2 Dial

Your foot is held firmly in place with a micro-adjust BOA® Li2 dial. This new retention system allows riders to precisely tune your fit for your conditions, right now, and the ergonomic dial makes those adjustments simple. Pair this retention system with a built-in sleeve that stretches over the top of the toes and forefoot and you have amazing comfort while still allowing your foot to move and flex as you ride.

Redesigned Dyneema® Heelcup

Heel Comfort and Support

The heelcup was also completely reimagined. The heel on most shoes is molded out of carbon fiber or plastic to get the structure that you need to support your heel. The S-Works EXOS EVO was designed using layers of Dyneema® fabric, which has a unique stretching characteristic, to form this pocket. Dyneema® is very rigid vertically so layers are used to form the pocket, but is flexible horizontally to form to the foot. This provides the support needed to hold the heel in place but also adds supreme comfort and hold by molding to the shape of the rider’s foot. Not only is this process super comfortable and stable, but it also drops a ton of weight by eliminating the heavier carbon fiber or plastic.

Stiffness index of 13

Stiffness to 13!

But they didn’t forget about the carbon! The sole of the S-Works EXOS EVO shoe uses the stiffest and lightest off-road sole that Specialized has created, delivering a stiffness index of 13.0. This ensures that almost all the energy that you put into your shoes gets transferred to your pedals and onto the wheel of your bike.

Toebox Protection

Protect Those Toes

The problem with many ultralight products is that protective bits add weight. Specialized has managed to add a built-in protective bumper to the toes of the S-Works EXOS EVO shoes, along with an additional layer of TPU over the sides of the toebox to help protect your toes and feet when those rocks jump out and bash your feet!

Rider descending

Body Geometry Supported

And, like all shoes from Specialized, the S-Works EXOS EVO shoes are built using all of the Body Geometry principles that they have been developing and refining for decades. The Longitudinal Arch Support, Varus Wedge, and Metatarsal Button all work together to keep the foot, knee, and hip in line, increasing comfort and reducing the chance for injury.

Rock garden capable

Check Them Out

With a Dyneema® engineered upper and heelcup, toebox that’s built for comfort, BOA micro-adjust dial, FACT Carbon sole, and Body Geometry foundation, the all-new Specialized S-Works EXOS EVO shoes deliver the most comfortable, lightest, stiffest XC race shoe that Specialized has ever created! Check out the S-Works EXOS EVO shoes at your local ERIK’S location or at