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The Cervélo Áspero Family; The Most Refined Gravel Bike on the Market

As the good folks at Cervélo say, “Haul ass, not cargo.”

The Cervélo Áspero is a gravel race bike. Period. It isn’t a beefed-up adventure bike made to add racks and carry you, fully loaded, on an epic tour. It is a road-race-inspired bike that is designed to finish gravel events in the shortest time possible.

All Áspero models feature the same steep headtube angle (for a gravel bike), long top tubes paired with short stems for great slow-speed front-end handling, and the versatile Trail Mixer Fork. Check out our video for a complete rundown of the Cervélo Áspero models!

All Áspero models feature the following:

  • Road Race Inspired Geometry
  • Top Tube Bag Mounts
  • Threee Bottle Mounts
  • Tire Clearance for up to 700×42 or 650×49 Sizes
  • Trail Mixer Fork For Correct Front-End Trail Depending on Tire Size

Áspero Models

There are two Áspero models – “Regular” Áspero and Áspero 5. The difference between the models comes in the aerodynamic shaping of the tubes, the hidden cables in the front of the bike, and a lighterweight carbon fiber material and layup process. The result is that the Áspero 5 is lighter and more aerodynamic which, in turn, make it faster.

Áspero and Áspero 5 are available in a number of different build kits from both Shimano and SRAM with both mechanical and electronic groups to choose from.

Check out the available Áspero and Áspero 5 models at your local ERIK’S Location or at!