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The All-New Specialized Stumpjumper: The Ultimate Trail Bike

For many years, decades even, the Specialized Stumpjumper has been the standard-bearer for finding the flow on the singletrack. Now, as mountain biking and singletrack riding have evolved from cross-country focused trails to more gnarly trail riding, Stumpjumper continues to evolve right along with that flow!

Trail riders need a bike that can climb as well as it can descend, but many riders are riding “too much bike.” They like the idea of more travel but when it’s time to go up, that travel, and the weight that comes along. can get in the way. The weight of many of today’s trail bikes is really close to the weight of the longer travel enduro bikes. The totally re-designed, 29er only, Specialized Stumpjumper is the answer to all of these issues.

Weighing in just under 5 pounds, the frame of the carbon fiber Stumpjumpers lead the trail category by about a pound or more! The complete S-Works Stumpjumper drops in at under 27 pounds! This is an incredible achievement for a trail bike!

With 140mm of travel in front and 130mm in the rear, the Stumpjumper has plenty of travel to take most trail riders where they want to go.

Suspension Tune

One huge change for this Stumpjumper is the move away from the FSR Horst link suspension system. Specialized has gone to a flex seat stay in order to dial in the suspension characteristics and rear-end performance of the new Stumpjumper. The result is an agile and lively ride feel, super responsive pedaling along with a dramatic reduction in weight. The improved suspension tunes and weight reduction will actually result in less rider fatigue and more comfort and control.

Specialized custom tuned the suspension for the new Stumpjumper to accommodate for the changes in the linkages. The new Stumpjumper has a very progressive leverage rate that gives it a lively and snappy ride. You get good small-bump sensitivity early in the travel, good mid-support to pedal against, and great bottom-out resistance at the end of the travel.

Working right alongside the steep leverage ratio is a revamped spring tune. The supension engineers at Specialized used a larger volume spring than normal to provide a more gradual spring ramp. This gives you more useable travel in the most usual conditions while still providing good small bump feel and bottom out resistance.

Sidearm Frame w/Flip Chip

The sidearm frame has been redesigned to add a ton of stiffness for improved confidence and control and it pairs perfectly with the rear of the bike to track in a straight line. When you point this bike into a corner, it tracks perfectly. It’s also important to note that the same 11m carbon frame is used throughout the ENTIRE Stumpjumper lineup! So, S-Works to Comp Carbon, you get the same frame underneath you.

Stumpjumper uses Progressive Geometry: long, low, slack, with short offset forks. This gives riders ultimate confidence and control while they are tackling the most challenging trials.  The seat tube has been steepened to 76.5 degrees (76mm in the low position) which will improve the seated climbing performance and there is a flip chip that lets you fine-tune your bb height 7mm and your head tube angle from 65 degrees to 65.5.


Like the Stumpjumper EVO, sizing for Stumpjumper has gone to the Size-Specific or S-Sizing. With S-Sizing, it’s about the rider, not the size. Longer wheelbase for more stability, shorter for more control. Take your normal size and choose that, the one above or the one below. Riders can choose from sizes S1 all the way through S6 and, realistically, could ride up to three different sizes, based on their preferences.

Beyond Gender and Rider First

The new Stumpjumper is another rider-first engineered bike where each size is tuned specifically for the size of the rider that will be on the bike. There are even two different rear triangle lengths, based on the size of the bike. S1-S4 get a 432mm rear end while S5 and S6 get a 442mm rear end. Stumpjumper is also a Beyond Gender bike where it has been built for riders, not genders. The S1 model has a 730mm standover height, a full 10mm more standover height over the previous XS model with 27.5” wheels. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the S6 frame has a massive 530mm reach to fit the tallest of riders.


And, of course, you get SWAT capabilities (on carbon fiber models) from the bottle cage and tool which sit on top of the SWAT door that opens up the SWAT compartment where you can store your SWAT Pod that will contain whatever you want to put in it. Snacks, tools, whatever.

Let’s not forget about the alloy Stumpjumper! This frame has also been totally redesigned to deliver the new geometry, weight savings, tuned suspension, and S-Sizing to riders who demand a more attainable price tag. It is important to note that the alloy Stumpjumper still has an FSR Horst link and a flip-chip located in the Horst link, not at the shock like the carbon fiber Stumpjumper models.

The all-new Specialized Stumpjumper truly is the ultimate trail bike. Easy to pedal up the hill, fun to rip down the hill, confidence inspiring and a control freak, the Specialized Stumpjumper is the complete package.

If you’re looking for a bike with more travel and total adjustability, check out the recently released Specialized Stumpjumper EVO.

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