Specialized Turbo Levo Gen 3 – Comp Carbon, Carbon, Comp Alloy, & Alloy

Specialized Turbo Levo Gen 3

The Specialized Turbo Levo has been the high water mark for all other electric mountain bikes since it was originally released back in 2015. The Specialized Turbo Levo Gen 3 is no exception!  

The Gen 3 Levo is now available in Comp Carbon, Carbon, Comp Alloy, and Alloy versions! These models have the great features that the S-Works, Pro & Expert models have like the Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor, MasterMind TCU, adjustable geometry, and a mullet design. The motor can put out a whopping 90nm of torque and 565 watts of power! This bike also features Specialized’s S-sizing system so you can pick the fit that best suits you and your riding style.

The Gen 3 is now available in four new models: Levo Alloy, Levo Comp Alloy, Levo Carbon, and Levo Comp Carbon.

Turbo Levo Gen 3 e-bike battery gauge

Full Power 2.2 Motor & MasterMind TCU 

The motor on the Gen 3 delivers a whopping 90 Nm of torque and 565 watts of power for up to five hours of riding on the Comp and Comp Alloy models. These bikes come with a 700Wh battery while the Alloy has a 500Wh battery.  

All that power is controlled by the MasterMind Turbo Control Unit (or TCU for short). The MasterMind is integrated right into the top tube of the bike for easy access and viewing. The display is customizable so you have all of the info you want in front of you, always. The MasterMind also features Specialized’s new MicroTune function. This lets you adjust the support level of the bike in 10% increments so you’re getting the exact amount of support you want. 

Specialized Turbo Levo gen 3 mountain bike in red

Mullet Design 

The mullet design on the new Gen 3 Levo is all-business in the front with a 29″ wheel for fast rolling and great roll-over for roots and other obstacles. Then of course comes the party in the back with a 27.5″ wheel in the rear.  

This setup lets the bike be nimble without sacrificing stability; the best of both worlds, just like the hairdo. It’s worth noting that this is a dedicated mullet design so the rear triangle of the bike will only accept a 27.5″ wheel. That’s no problem since the new Levo was designed for this from the ground up! 

Specialized Turbo Levo Gen 3 Mullet design

Adjustable Geometry 

Specialized has been leading the way in bikes with adjustable geometries and the Gen 3 Levo is no exception. It is truly incredible to have a bike that you can fine-tune the geometry on. You can dial it in perfectly for any terrain and any riding style.  

The Comp Alloy and Comp models allow you to move the bottom bracket height AND adjust the head tube angle between 63 and 65.5 degrees. The Alloy model allows you to move the bottom bracket height up or down by 7mm. This model’s headtube angle is locked at 64.5 degrees. 

trubo levo gen 3 wheelbase chart


Specialized’s S-sizing is designed so you can get the exact feel you want from your new bike, especially with the adjustable geometry on the Gen 3 Levo.  

This sizing system does away with the traditional XS-XXL sizing and replaces it with S1-S6. Generally, a person will be able to fit on three different sizes depending on what sort of riding they like. As you can see in the graphic above, you start with your “normal” size, in this case, S3. You could ride that and be perfectly happy! If you wanted the bike to be a little quicker and maneuverable you could go down a size; and if you wanted a more stable bike at speed, you could go up a size. It’s a rider-centric system meant to be flexible for your riding style. 

Ready To Ride?

Sounds cool right? Check online the new Specialized Levo at shopERIKS.com for availability then head into your local ERIK’S store for a free test ride! You can also view all other mountain bikes here!