Specialized Turbo Levo Electric Mountain Bike – The Unbelievable Power to Ride More Trails

Specialized Turbo Levo biker riding in woods

The Specialized Turbo Levo Electric Mountain Bike (eMTB) delivers the unbelievable power to ride more trails with an unequaled combination of ride quality, power, and range. New to the Specialized Turbo Levo Gen 3 are Comp-Carbon, Comp-Alloy, and Alloy models. You can learn more about these models here!

Specialized Turbo Levo eMTB

Specialized changed the eMTB game when they designed the Turbo Levo trail bike. Now in its third generation and the Turbo Levo is changing the game again. Let’s get into it.

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It’s the most capable trail mountain bike…ever!

First and foremost, the Specialized Turbo Levo is a mountain bike first and an eBike second. The designers in California worked with the engineers in Switzerland to build the most capable trail mountain bike for all riders, from the ground up, blurring the lines between human and machine.

Specialized Turbo Levo eMTB Sidearm

Featuring Specialized RX Tuning.

Starting with the sidearm frame, all models share a FACT 11m, a full carbon frame with 150mm of suspension travel paired with Fox Float 23 forks with that same 150mm of travel. These aren’t just shocks pulled off the shelf and bolted to the bike! All of the shocks feature Specialized RX tuning that perfectly matches the unique kinematics of Levo, and forces applied to the shocks so that all of these parts can work together in harmony.

Specialized turbo levo eMTB leverage rate

Check out the progressive leverage rate!

The progressive leverage rate built into the rear suspension, much like the Stumpjumper EVO, is tailored to match the travel, torque, and power that Levo puts out in order to prevent harsh bottom outs without being too stiff earlier in the travel, allowing for great small bump sensitivity and a solid pedaling platform.

specialized turbo levo eMTB progressive leverage rate

The rearward axle path of Turbo Levo lets the rear wheel move slightly backward as you hit big obstacles, this helps the wheel get out of the way smoother, decreasing hang-up on square hits and helping you carry more speed and momentum as you blast downhill!

Person going downhill on a Levo

The front end is slacker than previous Levo generations, the seat tube is steeper, and the top tube is longer. Pair that with reduced offset forks and you will feel perfectly planted and in control. In the end, you’ll almost forget that you’re riding an eMTB!

Featuring Specialized Style Specific S-Sizing.

Turbo Levo now features the Specialized Style Specific S-Sizing, allowing you to choose your frame size based on how you’re going to use your bike and how YOU prefer it to handle. Choose a smaller size for more maneuverability and flickability, and choose a bigger size for more stability. No matter the size, you’ll have plenty of standover and reach in whatever S-size you choose!

Speaking of maneuverability, Generation 3 Turbo Levo is now sporting a sweet mullet! Gitcher business done in the front with that 29er wheel but the party is raging out back with that nimble 27.5-inch wheel. Why sport that Wisconsin Waterfall? The key to a nimble, flickable mountain bike is a short wheelbase and short chainstays. The challenge that you run into with full-power eMountain bikes like the Levo is in the bottom-bracket/motor area. Motors take up a ton of space and push the back-end way out. By designing Levo with a mixed-wheel setup, Specialized was able to shorten the chainstays to 441 or 447mm, depending on where you have the rear flip-chip set, leading to the liveliest full-power eMountain bike out there!

specialized turbo levo eMTB flipchip

Oh yeah, that flip-chip. Much like the phenomenal Stumpjumper EVO, Turbo Levo now features an adjustable geometry that can be set into six distinct geometry settings. The head angle can be adjusted between 63 and 65.5 degrees and that mentioned flip-chip fine-tunes the bottom bracket height up and down by 7 millimeters.

Now, onto the truly electrifying stuff!

Pushing Turbo Levo forward is a redesigned motor with a new belt system that is more robust and quieter than the last generation. This 250 nominal watt motor puts out 565 peak watts and 90-newton meters of torque. Built-in cadence and power sensors roll that power on to perfectly match your natural input and amplify it by 4. It’s you, times 4! Customize your internal settings using the Mission Control App.

Powering the whole thing is a 700-watt-hour battery. Get the most out of the battery using the Smart Control feature of Mission Control to get up to 5 hours out of your battery, depending on conditions, of course.

The most exciting update to Turbo Levo is the all-new Mastermind TCU!

This is the brain of the bike! The LCD display can be customized in Mission Control to display ride data on up to 16 display screens. You can micro-tune your Support and Peak Power levels in 10% intervals from the Mastermind TCU and there’s a built-in altimeter for even more accurate calculations in Smart Ride. Previously, altitude information was taken from the rider’s phone, which isn’t the most accurate! The new Mastermind TCU can even do many firmware updates over the air without having to be plugged into a computer.

Finally, the handlebar remote can be customized in Mission Control. The default is for the plus and minus buttons to adjust the support level up or down, the top button sends the mode directly to Turbo or completely off and the bottom button was for walk assist, but, if you want to customize things, it’s your bike! Have at it!

Shop the all-new Turbo Levo Gen 3 models

The all-new Turbo Levo currently comes in three levels – S-Works, Pro, and Expert.

Specialized Turbo Levo eMTB

Specialized Turbo Levo Expert

Turbo Levo Expert is equipped with a SRAM X01 Eagle Drivetrain with a 10-52 cassette and 32 tooth chainring and Praxis cranks. There’s a Fox Float 38 Performance elite fork out front and a FOX Float X2 Performance shock outback. Levo Expert rolls on Roval Traverse alloy wheels and features an X-Fusion Manic infinitely adjustable dropper post. SRAM Code RS 4 piston brakes bring this beast to a stop.

specialized turbo levo eMTB

Specialized Turbo Levo Pro

Step up to Turbo Levo Pro and you get the SRAM X01 Eagle Drivetrain with a 10-52 cassette and 32-tooth chainring mounted to a carbon Praxis crank. The fork is upgraded to the Fox Float 38 Factory fork with the Grip2 damper and Kashima coat. The shock is upgraded to the Fox Float X2 Factory with a Kashima coat. Levo Expert rolls on Carbon Roval Traverse hoops and you get a Fox Transfer dropper post. SRAM Code RSC 4 piston brakes clamp things down.

specialized turbo levo electric mountain bike

Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo

The mac daddy of the bunch is the S-Works Turbo Levo featuring the full SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS treatment with wireless shifters and a wireless RockShox Reverb dropper post. A FOX Factory Float 38 fork and Float X2 Factory with Kashima Coat. All of this rolls along on Roval Traverse SL carbon wheels. Magura MT7 brakes with custom Loic levers grab onto 203mm rotors, front and back.

Beyond Belief!

Beyond Belief – Testing the limits of human potential, the all-new Turbo Levo has redefined what a full-power eMTB Bike can ride, feel, and handle like. Check out the all-new Specialized Turbo Levo Mountain Bike at your local ERIK’S location or at shopERIKS.com!