Specialized Sirrus – An All-Time Classic!

specialized sirrus bike on street under a bridge

The Specialized Sirrus is one of the most popular bikes on the market and for good reason! The Sirrus is as versatile as they come, and an amazing bike for your everyday rider. Read through four key reasons why the Sirrus is the best bike for everyday riding!

1. Quality

Specialized has been making some of the best bikes in the industry for over 40 years! Starting in 1974, Specialized has been providing bikes “Made for riders. By riders.” The Sirrus has continued to be a staple of the Specialized lineup of bikes offering a classic look with high-end performance.

cyclist on a specialized sirrus riding down the street

2. Componentry

With 40+ years of experience, Specialized knows exactly how to maximize the value of your bike and provide the rider with the ultimate performance. This is why The Sirrus is offered in a variety of models that each have its own unique components and are offered at different price points. The standard Sirrus model is available in 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 6.0. View the video below to learn more!

The Sirrus also has an X model that gives you the same great Sirrus build with some upgraded features if you are looking to get off the smooth pavement. The Sirrus X models are available in the X2.0, X3.0, X4.0, and X5.0. Check out the models in the video below!

Now that you have learned the difference between the Sirrus models, you will know which option is best for you. While some components may change, the design of what makes the Sirrus great will not change from model to model. Why is the Sirrus so great?

  • Flat handlebars that provide a comfortable riding position no matter how far you need to commute
  • Thicker tires than your standard road bike to help you roll over bumps or even take it off the pavement
  • Plenty of options for racks and mounts that you can add to make your commute as comfortable and efficient as possible
  • Lightweight, so you can load it up or carry it when you need to
  • Simplistic design that will help you if you need to make any roadside repairs if you feel capable of doing so

3. Price

The quality of the Specialized Sirrus at the price it is offered is unmatched in today’s market. It truly is one of the highest-valued bikes out there. And as shown above, there are many models available to fit your budget! If you are looking for a great all-around bike and need to fit it within a certain budget, look no further!

2 cyclists riding specialized sirrus bikes on a boardwalk next to the water

4. Style

What style of bike is the Specialized Sirrus? Flat bar road bike? Fitness bike? Hybrid bike? The short answer is yes. Whether you need a bike to commute, looking to get exercise, or just want a bike to ride around the trails, the Sirrus is a great option. With its simplistic design and modern build, it just might be the perfect bike. And with a variety of models and colors, there is a Sirrus perfect for you!

specialized sirrus bike in front of a phone booth

The Specialized Sirrus Has It All!

The Sirrus stands out among its competitors with its price and capabilities, especially when compared to bikes in a similar category. If you are looking for a bike for your everyday riding or commuting, the Specialized Sirrus is the bike for you. Check the Sirrus out at shopERIKS.com or head into your local ERIK’S shop for a test ride!