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The Specialized Hotwalk Carbon – The Ultimate First Kid’s Bike

Why should us adults get the cool stuff? Totally unfair! Well, our toddler riding buddies don’t need to dream any longer, now that Specialized has brought us the all-new Hotwalk Carbon Balance Bike!

Yes, I know that this is kind of silly, but I don’t care! This thing is super cool! The Hotwalk Carbon isn’t just some novelty thing that some engineer threw together as a goof. The team that developed this amazing balance bike consisted of the same folks who brought you the Specialized Tarmac SL7 and all-new Stumpjumper bikes earlier this year. They even developed a brand-new process in their test lab in order to test the durability and strength of the Hotwalk Carbon.

Hotwalk Carbon Test Rig

Super Light!

Weighing in at only 4.63 pounds (compared to 9.5 pounds for the alloy version) the Hotwalk Carbon is built out of FACT 9r Carbon Fiber, the same carbon fiber used in performance road bikes! This is a Rider-First Geometry bike and the geometry was designed from the ground up, with these little rippers in mind. The stack height is low, the head tube is slack, and the seat tube is steep; all in an effort to give these little runners and gunners a super stable ride, keeping their body centered between the wheels.

Kid in a skatepark on a Hotwalk Carbon

Carbon Fiber Wheels!

Adding to the awesome are carbon fiber wheels wrapped in custom made 12″ Rhythm Lite tires.

Hotwalk Carbon Front Wheel

Specially Designed Bars and Grips

The carbon fiber handlebar is 38% smaller in diameter to fit the smaller hands of the toddlers who will be hanging onto them and the grips are designed with the bars hitting the ground in mind. This will deliver a safer, more confident grip as they master this machine and learn how to rip!

Hotwalk Carbon Handlebar

The Carbon Hotwalk features a custom made, low friction seat that allows for easier movement and less chafing, super important since most of these rad riders are still in diapers!

Kid smiling on Hotwalk Carbon

As long as your kid can reach the handlebars and get their feet on the ground, this thing is for them until they’re 35 inches or 40 pounds. Or they’re ready for a regular pedal bike. Whatever comes first!

Kid standing over Hotwalk Carbob

Seriously, Why?

So, why a $1000 balance bike? Well, why not? Your kid deserves it 😉 Seriously, though. Just like any other performance bike out there, a lighter machine will deliver a better experience. Your kid won’t have to work as hard to balance the bike and to push it forward, resulting in more confidence for the kid, safer riding due to more control, and when it’s time for you to carry it home by the handy handle under the saddle, less weight on you!

Aero Is Everything, Even For Kids!

Fun fact, the Hotwalk Carbon is the most aerodynamic bike in the Specialized lineup today! No reason not to test it out in the WinTunnel!

Hotwalk Carbon in the WinTunnel

If you find yourself assembling your best trail bud’s new Carbon Hotwalk, let the cutest mechanics in the world walk you through the assembly process!

Kickstart your kid’s cycling experience with the all-new Specialized Hotwalk Carbon! Check them out at your local ERIK’S location and online here!