Specialized Diverge STR – Smoother Is Faster!

specialized diverge str 2023

ERIK’S is stoked for the arrival of the new Specialized Diverge STR! STR stands for “suspend the rider”. This fully suspended gravel bike marks a new era for what drop bar bikes can do. Specialized realized by suspending the rider instead of the bike, you decrease rider fatigue. So, by giving you a tunable 20mm of compliance in the front (Future Shock 2.0) AND 30mm of compliance in the rear, the Diverge STR gives you better control and makes you more efficient as a rider. Both work in tandem to soak up bump forces on the road giving you supreme control, confidence, and traction. This means you can ride faster and go longer distances. The Diverge STR opens the door for chunkier terrain if the adventure spark hits!

cyclists riding the specialized diverge str on gravel

Since it’s still a rigid frame, the power transfer delivers a nimble and responsive feel that is comfortable. Specialized is always pushing the envelope to help you have the best experience possible whether you climb it, race it, or load it down with bags. 

Components Of The Rear Future Shock

Rear Future shock components
  • A – Framepost
  • B – Damper
  • C – Compression Adjustment lever
  • D – Tendon

The addition of suspending the rider more with the rear Future Shock was inspired by engineer Chris D’Aluisio who is a legend in the bicycle engineering world. One of his more recent additions of Specialized technology is DSW or the D’Aluisio Smartweld. Chris and Specialized wanted to add this feature but do it better than the others before them. Through a lot of trial and error, they eliminated bobbing under power by using a hydraulic damper that controls travel, so when the big bumps and hits happen, you’re not being launched from your saddle. As for performance, your fit and pedaling efficiency aren’t compromised. 

Rear Future Shock – How It Works

specialized str and rear future shock
  • A – As the rear wheel impacts a bump, it moves up.
  • B – The framepost works as a spring moving backward in response.
  • C – Its direction of travel is equal and opposite to the wheel’s path.
  • D – The damper controls the movement of the framepost backward and forward, ensuring a smooth ride in the saddle. 
  • E – The rider maintains the same position in space.

Future Shock Rear is fully tunable for rider weight, height, and riding style so you can adjust on the fly for whatever terrain you may encounter. For dropper post fans, the Diverge is dropper post-compatible.

Benefits Of Suspending The Rider

  • Increases control and efficiency
  • Decreases rider fatigue 
  • Allows you to ride farther and faster
  • Allows you to ride chunkier terrain

How STR Differs From Other Systems 

  • It’s lighter(adds just 100g to the frame) 
  • No sluggish pedal feedback 
  • More efficient than other “bump-taming road bikes”
Specialized STRE system

Specialized Diverge STR Build Options

Specialized is offering three complete builds and frameset options also. The Diverge comes in four awesome color options: Satin Forest Green/Dark Moss Green, Satin Blaze/Violet Ghost Pearl Fade, Satin Black/Diamond Dust, and the stunning Satin Harvest Gold/Gold Ghost Pearl.

Specialized FACT 11r carbon comes standard through all model line frames and forks. On the S-Works build the Future stem comes with an integrated computer mount. You have the 3 groupset option to choose from: SRAM Red eTap AXS Eagle w/ Quarq power meter, SRAM Force eTap AXS Eagle, and SRAM Rival eTap AXS Eagle. The bike has tire clearance of 47mm (measured width) on a 700c wheel and 2.1 on a 650B. Let’s also not forget the storage capabilities with SWAT on the downtube. 

cyclists riding the specialized diverge str on gravel paths

Get Off The Main Path

The Specialized Diverge STR can take you to places you didn’t think you could go by bike. Suspend the rider, suspend disbelief by stopping by your local ERIK’S, or check them online at shopERIKS.com!