Snowboard Boot Lacing Systems – What’s Best For You?

snowboarder holding snowboard boot

If you’re new to snowboarding you may have seen many different ways to lace them up. Here we’ll go over the most common ones so you know what to expect when you’re hunting for that perfect pair. There are three main types of snowboard boot lacing systems. Traditional, quick lace, and BOA designs. There are also hybrid styles that are some combination of those three. 

Traditional Boot Lacing System

Traditional laces are exactly what they sound like. Normal boot laces require you to lace, sinch, and tie them manually. These are generally best for riders who want extreme precision when lacing up as you can change how tight every part of the boot is. While other systems have caught up in this regard, some people still prefer traditional laces for function or aesthetics. 

Traditional snowboard boot lacing system

Quick Lace Boot System

Quick lacing systems come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the boot manufacturer. However, they all function similarly. Quick laces generally have two zones: one for over the foot and one for the ankle and calf area. These systems usually allow you to pull up on a handle to tighten the laces that will then lock into a friction mechanism to keep them from coming undone. When it’s time to take them off you simply pull forward on the lace by the friction mechanism to release the laces. Quick lace systems are easier to use with gloves or mittens than traditional laces. 

quick lace snowboard boot lacing system

BOA Boot Lacing System

Boots with the BOA lacing system have one or two dials that you just need to turn to tighten. If a boot has one BOA dial it will lace the whole boot. If there are two BOA dials the one on the side will, generally, lace up the foot while the one on the tongue will lace up the ankle and calf area. To release a BOA, pull out the dial and the tension will be released. BOAs are great for making quick and easy adjustments to your boots, even while riding! 

BOA snowboard boot lacing system

Get Out & Ride!

Now that you have an idea of what snowboard boot lacing systems may be best for you, check out our boot selection on or stop into your local ERIK’S