Saris Indoor Bike Trainers = Quality + Affordability!

Saris indoor smart trainer being used by cyclist

Exploring indoor cycling for the first time? Or maybe you’re ready to up-level your indoor training experience. If so, you need to check out Saris’ lineup of Indoor Bike Trainers that are affordable with high functionality. Keep reading to learn more!

Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer

Saris H3 Smart Indoor Bike Trainer

Five times quieter than previous generations, the H3 is Saris’ quietest smart trainer ever! And, it’s super-durable. Constructed from cast and machined aluminum sourced from America’s heartland – this indoor trainer is made to last. The H3 also features meticulous componentry that measures power, speed, and cadence to a T, and an internal cooling system so you can keep riding safely long after your legs tire out. If you’re ready to upgrade your indoor cycling experience, give the H3 a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Saris Fluid² Indoor Bike Trainer

Saris Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer

Best-selling trainer in the USA! The Fluid² Trainer features a large, precision-balanced flywheel (with patented fan design) so you can easily customize each ride simply by shifting gears, just like you would outside. If you prefer to train with Zwift or Rouvy, check out the Fluid² Smart Equipped Trainer described below. It includes a speed sensor that allows you to connect to your favorite apps with ease.

Saris Fluid² Smart Equipped Trainer

Saris Fluid 2 Smart Equipped Indoor Bike Trainer

Looking for an indoor cycling set-up on a budget? Check out the Fluid² Smart Equipped Trainer! It’s packed with high-end features without the expensive price tag. Equipped with a fluid resistance unit to provide a quiet and consistent ride, progressive resistance offers a road-like feel with the widest range of resistance, and a speed sensor so you can connect with a variety of cycling apps and virtual biking communities. The Fluid² Smart Equipped Trainer brings biking fun indoors!

Saris Mag+ Indoor Bike Trainer

Saris Mag+ Indoor Bike Trainer

The Mag+ Indoor Bike Trainer features a convenient, adjustable handlebar-mounted shifter so you can change resistance during your workout without having to leave your bike. Plus, the magnetic and linear resistance fosters a quiet, frictionless ride while boosting workout intensity. If you want an affordable trainer that provides an easy, trustworthy indoor training session – slip your bike into the Mag+ and simply start pedaling!

And If You Want Even More…

Check out the Saris Nfinity Platform! It utilizes innovative technology to improve the relationship between rider and bike to deliver a more comfortable and engaging experience. Learn more about the Nfinity here.

Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform

Ready to Ride Indoors Like You Do Outdoors?

The Saris’ indoor trainers are the perfect blend of quality and affordability. Shop the complete line online here including Saris’ indoor cycling accessories like trainer tires, riser blocks, and sweat guards too. Or, swing by your favorite ERIK’S and we’ll introduce you to the Saris Indoor Training line in person!