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S-Works Recon Cycling Shoes, Now With Laces!

Specialized S-Works Recon Cycling Shoes worn on Gravel Rider

Classic styles for gravel miles, the Specialized Recon cycling shoes combine the timeless look of lace-up shoes with the proven performance and comfort that come from Body Geometry enhanced footwear.

Old-School Laces for Ultimate Comfort

close-up of two cyclists lower legs as they sit on a rock ledge lacing up their S-Works Recon Cycling Shoes

Laces don’t just look cool, which they most certainly do. They also provide an almost infinitely adjustment closure system. With laces you have the ability to fine-tune your laces at each eyelet, allowing you to distribute the pressure throughout the lacing system.

Dyneema® Upper

S-Works Recon Cycling Shoes with Laces

The S-Works Recon Lace is constructed using a welded mesh TPU and Dyneema® upper that provides a soft yet supportive fit that cradles your foot. Dyneema® stretches in one direction where you want it to for comfort but holds firm in other directions to hold your foot firmly in place. And, over time, this construction method doesn’t stretch out and lose its form as the shoe ages. There’s even carbon fiber woven into the fabric and an external toecap to protect against impacts and abrasion.

Stiffness to 13 and Stable!

S-Works Recon Cycling Shoe Sole

The torsion box on the bottom of the S-Works Recon Lace is made of 100% carbon fiber providing you with ultimate power transfer. All of the power that you produce and put into the shoes is transferred into your pedals so that none of your energy is wasted. TPU pontoons at the cleat interface keep you stable on the pedals and the Slip-Not™ rubber heel and toe tread give you grip and confidence during hike-a-bike sections.

Body Geometry

Like all of the Specialized shes, the S-Works Recon Lace features a full suite of Body Geometry features.

skeleton view of feet, one with arch support and one without

The built-in longitudinal arch prevents arch collapse which can rob you of power and comfort.

skeleton view of pelvis, legs, and feet showing effects of using arch support and not using arch support on the joints

1.5° of forefoot varus wedge prevents forefoot collapse helps to keep your ankle, knee, and hip all in line, increasing comfort and performance and decreasing the chances of repetitive injury.

skeleton view of feet - one with proper metatarsal support and one without

The Metatarsal Button puts a bit of pressure on the bottom of your foot, spreading out and supporting your foot bones (metatarsals), improving blood flow and nerve function, reducing the chances of numbness and blood flow issues.


closeup of person's feet and lower legs wearing S-Works Recon Cycling Shoes while sitting on grass

Another benefit of lace closure is that you don’t have all of that hardware adding extra weight. As a result, a size 42 shoe weighs as little as 280 grams! That’s a really low weight for a two-bolt shoe.

Multiple Colors Available

The S-Works Recon Lace is available in the Oak Green, Black, and Aloha colors currently (while supplies last)!

Oak Green

S-Works Recon Cycling Shoes in Oak Green


S-Works Recon Cycling Shoes in Black


S-Works Recon Cycling Shoes in Aloha design

Check Them Out!

Check out the Specialized S-Works Recon cycling shoes at select local ERIK’S locations or at!