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Power UP with the new Garmin Rally Pedal-Based Power Meters!

The truest way to measure your output while riding a bike is by measuring your power, the amount of force that you are applying to your pedals.

Your power measurement is instant!

Unlike heart rate, your pedal power measurement is instant and isn’t impacted by outside forces like stress, sleep, or hydration. It’s easier to track your training load to ensure that you aren’t over or underworking yourself and you can actually see your improvement as you train. You can even see the output from your individual left and right legs are and how even your pedal stroke, all in an effort to become a stronger, more efficient cyclist.

Road cyclist biking on road using Garmin Rally Pedals

Introducing Garmin’s Rally family of power meters!

For years, cyclists have been connecting their third-party power meters to their Garmin devices. Now, after years of testing and enough miles ridden that would circle the earth 5 times, Garmin has designed their Rally family of power meters, fully integrating power meters into their family of products!

Three pedal platforms to choose from.

Rally power meters are pedal-based power meters using the three most common pedal platforms on the market today – For three-bolt “Road” style pedals there are the RS Pedals using the Shimano SPD-SL platform and the RK Pedals uses the Look KEO platform. For two-bolt “Mountain” style pedals, the XC pedals use the tried-and-true Shimano SPD platform.

Shop all Garmin Rally Power Meters now!

Garmin Rally Power Meter being installed

All of the Rally power meters install like any pedal that you have ever used, making them simple to swap between bikes as you please. This isn’t an option for crank or wheel-based power meters, making the Rally series of power meters the most convenient type of power meter out there.

picture listing out benefits of Garmin Rally pedals

Rally power meters (200 series models) measure not only power but also cadence, left/right balance and even sense how much time you spend sitting in the saddle vs. standing on the pedals. 100 series pedals measure total power output and cadence. Rally power meters have an accuracy of +/- 1% and communicate using ANT + or Bluetooth.

Garmin Bicycle Computer on handlebars

All Rally power meters fully integrate into the Garmin ecosystem to ensure that you get and install all necessary firmware updates quickly and easily directly through your Garmin watch, Edge cycling computer, or personal phone. Rally pedals even connect directly to third-party tracking and training apps like Garmin Connect, Zwift, Strava, Trainer Road, and Training Peaks for seamless data sharing, analysis, and route planning and mapping!

Garmin Rally XC Pedals

Garmin Rally XC Pedals

The Rally XC pedals are designed for off-road and gravel riders who need the convenience of a dual-sided pedal and the ability to walk around off of the bike. As was mentioned earlier, Rally XC uses the Shimano SPD cleat system.

Garmin Rally RS Pedals

Garmin Rally RS Pedals

Rally RS pedals are a three-bolt, road style pedal using the Shimano SPD-SL cleat platform. These are currently the only pedal-based power meter using this cleat system!

Garmin Rally RK Pedals

Garmin Rally RK Pedals

The Rally RK pedals are also a three-bolt, road style pedal based on the Look KEO cleat interface. If you’re familiar with the Garmin Vector pedal system, the Rally RK is the continuation of that product moving forward.

Garmin Rally Conversion Kits

Garmin Rally Conversion Kits

All of the Rally power meters come in both the 100 or 200 versions with the 100 being single-sided power meters and the 200 versions take measurements from both pedals for more accuracy.

ERIK’S is stocking the 200 version of all three models to give you the best experience possible! If you prefer, you can order the more affordable 100 series and, if you choose to, upgrade to add the second side in the future. Since the power measuring sensors are all in the spindle of the pedal, Garmin even offers conversion kits that take your existing spindle and change the pedal body to one of the other two versions! So, buy the Rally XC power meter and then convert it to the RS or RK down the road, or any combination that works for you!

Now go get your pedal power on!

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