Pedal Power – Teaching Children the Joy of Riding a Bike!

Pedal Power Kids visiting ERIK'S

Pedal Power is a 501c3 nonprofit in Minneapolis Minnesota dedicated to using the bicycle as an educational vehicle. They work in high-poverty schools teaching children how to ride a bike. Once the kids have mastered the bicycle, they then get to head out on adventures by bike – exploring the city and nature!

An unfortunate circumstance…

ERIK’S was connected with one of the co-founders of Pedal Power, Mark Trumper, under unfortunate circumstances. In the winter of 2021, Pedal Power had their entire bicycle fleet stolen from their parked trailer. ERIK’S and Specialized Bicycles fortunately were able to assist Pedal Power in rebuilding their bike fleet! Keep reading to learn more about Pedal Power and to see some fun pictures of them receiving their new bikes and helmets!

Meet the Pedal Power cofounders.

Cofounders Mark Trumper and Susan Tuck are both recently retired teachers. As lovers of bicycling and helping kids – they wanted to continue to share their passion and expertise with Minneapolis schools. Thus, Pedal Power was founded!

The bike curriculum.

Pedal Power teaches 4th and 5th-grade children (9 – 11 years old) how to ride a bike! Programming takes place at high-poverty schools during the school day for one hour per week. Currently, they serve Pillsbury and Webster Schools in NE Minneapolis, MN.


What is the biggest benefit of kids on bikes?

According to Mark, there are several huge benefits to getting more kids on bikes!

  • Their confidence increases as they learn a new skill.
  • They learn how to work together as a team on group rides.
  • Their mental health is uplifted by spending time in nature.
  • They get to explore their city in a new way and discover and experience new places they’ve never been to before.
  • They get to have fun doing something active in the outdoors!

Pedal Power discovered that 1/3 of their 4th and 5th graders didn’t know how to ride a bike. When a child rides a bike for the first time the joy and exhilaration they experience is palpable!

Pedal Power wants to help all the children they work with enjoy all of the parks and green spaces that the city of Minneapolis has to offer.

Rebuilding the Pedal Power bike fleet.

When ERIK’S and Specialized Bicycles heard about Pedal Power’s bike fleet being stolen, we took action! We also understand the power and value of getting more kids on bikes and didn’t want Pedal Power and all the children they serve miss out on their spring biking curriculum!

Even amidst a major bike shortage, we were able to help Pedal Power get new bikes for the kiddos!

  • Specialized donated six brand new bikes as well as 120 bike helmets.
  • ERIK’S also donated six bicycles and provided the remaining bikes needed to fulfill their fleet at a sweet discount!

It feels good to do good!

Want to support Pedal Power get more kids on bikes?

Donate to Pedal Power now! Your funding helps Pedal Power increase their bicycle fleet, keep their bikes tuned up and ready to go, helps equip their bikes with kid-friendly accessories like locks, helmets, and lights, and so much more! Give now!