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Introducing the S-Works Ares Road Shoes!

Specialized has a long and storied history of supporting the fastest racers in the world. From World Champions to Grand Tour stage winners. Category jerseys of all colors and overall tour and classics victories, all working in close collaboration with all of those champions.

Justin Williams and Sam Bennet

Finally, with the help of 2020 Tour de France Green Jersey winner Sam Bennet and Legion of Los Angeles founder and racer Justin Williams, Specialized has locked in the fastest and most comfortable race shoe available with the all-new S-Works Ares Shoes.

Power is Lost in Movement

That’s just physics. If you are trying to put the power down into your pedals and your foot is moving in any direction other than straight down, you aren’t as efficient as you can be. That’s just science! During a high effort, a rider’s foot is likely to roll over, robbing them of that efficiency and speed.

The all-new Specialized S-Works Ares shoe solves that problem.

Dyneema®-Reinforced Tongueless Sock

The S-Works Ares shoe features a Dyneema®-reinforced tongueless sock to fully engulf the foot that is wrapped in a completely reinvented BOA closure system that triangulates the retention across the midfoot and spreads the pressure over a larger area. This patent-pending closure system almost completely eliminates any of that foot roll inside the shoe, letting riders lock in and power up for more speed.

FACT Powerline Carbon Fiber Outsole

Underneath all of this is the FACT Powerline carbon fiber outsole with a stiffness index if 15. Specialized added reinforcement where it’s needed for stiffness while eliminating material where it isn’t needed, resulting in one of the stiffest yet lightest outsoles in the world.

Body Geometry

Just like all Specialized shoes, the S-Works Ares shoe is built using the tried-and-true Body Geometry philosophy, the 1.5mm outward tilt to the outsole stabilizes the forefoot and helps to align the ankle, the knee, and the hip and the longitudinal arch support prevents arch collapse. You can fully dial in your specific arch support needs with the aftermarket BG Insoles that come in three different arch heights. Finally, the metatarsal button puts a tiny bit of pressure under your foot, spreading out the bones in your feet, leading to fewer hot spots and less numbness.

Ultimate Comfort

Finally, you can’t be fast if you aren’t comfortable. The Dyneema®-reinforced tongueless sock paired with the offset Boa closure system eliminates impingement on the tendons of your foot complete comfort. Put all of the watts down into these shoes and you’ll stay completely comfortable, all day!

Faster Because Science

The Result – 1% faster. Power is increased by 7 watts saving you 14 seconds over 10 kilometers. How can they possibly say that? Science. Pressure mapping shows that the same rider, at the same power, puts has 20% more contact surface area vs. a traditional dual closure system. More contact equals more power! If you’ve ever watched the end of a bike race, you know that those extra watts really matter when you’re coming down to the line inside that pack of wolves!

Choose Your Color

S-Works Ares Color Options

Available in Black, White (Coming Soon), Red Team (Coming Soon), and White Team (Coming Soon) versions, choose the colorway that matches your kit the best!

Check Them Out

So, if you’re looking for the fastest, most comfortable road racing shoes ever created, check out the all-new S-Works Ares shoes at your local ERIK’S Store or at!