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Introducing the All-New Santa Cruz Blur & Juliana Wilder — Raising the XC Racing Bar

The Santa Cruz Blur and Juliana Wilder are 29” super-lightweight full suspension XC race bikes! And when we say super-lightweight, we mean it! Compared to the previous Blur 3 CC, the new Blur is 289g lighter. You even save 48g by choosing the Dark Matter colorway over the stunning Salmon paintjob! No tricks, no special-edition frames to achieve super low weights that look good on paper but aren’t available to the general public. These are real-world race bikes!

New Model, The Juliana Wilder

Two women riding Juliana Wilder Bikes in nature

There’s nothing to compare the Juliana Wilder to because it’s a brand-new model, designed for female riders who demand only the highest-performing machines. The frames are designed right along with the Santa Cruz Blur and feature the same geometries and performance metrics but are equipped with saddles and handlebars designed for their rider’s bodies, along with different paint schemes.

In-House Carbon Fiber Lab

Located in Santa Cruz, California, the in-house Carbon Fiber lab allows Santa Cruz and Juliana to develop and test different materials and layups. Carbon C and Carbon CC builds. C is the “standard” carbon. Light and stiff and remarkably strong but slightly heavier than the Carbon CC versions. The Carbon CC uses different materials and layup to achieve remarkably light weights without sacrificing any of the stiffness or durability of the Carbon C builds.

close up of Santa Cruz carbon frame

This in-house carbon lab was instrumental in developing the new Blur and Wilder. Gone is the Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) suspension used on most of the other Santa Cruz and Juliana bikes. While this suspension system is remarkably efficient and tunable, it also has a bunch of parts. And parts add weight.


Juliana Wilder close-up of the chain

Enter the carbon lab and flex-stays. Instead of all the tuning being done in the shock, the rear stays were designed and laid up to work as a spring. The engineers at Santa Cruz and Juliana built the right amount of flex into the rear end of Wilder and Blur to provide the right leverage curve to eliminate chain influence on the suspension, providing more traction and sensitivity while descending and climbing, while at the same time removing parts and dropping weight. Pair the flex stays with a single pivot and you have an efficient suspension that is responsive to the trail, separated from the pedaling input and is super light. The best of all of the worlds!

Size-Specific Geometry

man riding the Santa Cruz Blur mountain bike in nature

Speaking on handling, if things aren’t proportional, they won’t handle as well as they can. This is why each individual frame size gets its own chainstay length and variable seat tube angles. This results in every rider, regardless of their height, gets a frame that’s balanced and fits them perfectly. This is unique in the XC bike market. Pair this with a slacker headtube, longer reach and shorter stems than the previous Blur and you have an XC bike that’s just as capable as it is light.

On-Bike Bottle Mounts

3 water bottles mounted on Juliana wilder bike

Because this is a race bike and racers need to stay hydrated to reach the podium, Blur and Wilder have room for two bottles on the frame and even one on the bottom of the downtube! This will be a welcome surprise for racers, especially on marathon and longer events.

Dedicated to Keep Riders on the Trail

two people riding on gravel on Santa Cruz Blur and Juliana Wilder

Like all the bikes that they make, Santa Cruz and Juliana are dedicated to their riders. No proprietary parts means that riders spend less time waiting for parts and more time on trials. Same goes for their warranty policies. There is a lifetime warranty on the frames, bearings, and even optional Reserve Wheels, regardless of race usage! Even if you damage a Santa Cruz or Juliana frame or component outside of a warranty situation, replacement parts can be made available at a reduced cost to you if everything is within the warranty period!

Reserve 28XC Wheels

Close up of Santa Cruz blur 28XC wheels

Speaking of Reserve Wheels, along with the release of new Blur and Wilder models, Santa Cruz now has the Reserve 28CX Wheelsets available with the lightest Reserve MTB rim to date at 385g for the rims and 1367g complete (including DT180 hubs, valves, and rim tape). Designed specifically for XC riding and racing, these 24-hole rims have an inner rim width of 28mm and shallower sidewalls that match up perfectly with today’s higher volume 2.2 to 2.5 XC tires.

Santa Cruz Blur TR and XC

The Santa Cruz Blur is available in two kits, XC and TR, and in sizes Small through XL. Both are available in the Carbon C and Carbon CC frames.

Group of racers riding the Santa Cruz Blur

Santa Cruz Blur XC

The XC build is a full-on race bike with 100mm of front travel from a SRAM Sid SL fork and 100mm in back from SidLuxe shock with remote lockout. There is a light dropper post and lightweight Maxxis Aspen tires.

person riding Santa Cruz blur XC on rocky terrain

Santa Cruz Blur TR

The TR is not a trail bike, as the name may indicate. TR is an XC race bike for courses that demand more support. You get 120mm of travel up front from a Fox 34 Stepcast fork and 115mm of travel in back from a Fox Float shock with no remote. The tires are beefed up to Maxxis Rekon tires and your dropper post is full-height adjustable. Because these courses are a bit gnarlier, the rotors are bigger than the XC builds.

two people riding the Santa Cruz Blur TR up a mountain

Juliana Wilder TR

Juliana Wilder is designed for the XC racer who loves to ride any course, anywhere, therefore it is available in the TR builds only and sizes Small through Large. Wilder TR is available in both the Carbon C and Carbon CC frames.

Juliana wilder xc mountain bike parked on grass with mountains in background

And that’s the Juliana Wilder and Santa Cruz Blur.

Lightweight Cross-Country race bikes for racers who demand the best riding, lightest products backed by some of the best rider support on the market. Check out the Juliana Wilder and Santa Cruz Blur at your local ERIK’S location (coming soon) or at!