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Introducing Mirror Technology from Specialized

There are only three places where your body touches a bicycle: The handlebars, the shoes, and the saddle. Specialized is about to revolutionize how riders make contact with bicycles!

Specialized has long been an innovator in bicycle technology. The inventors of Body Geometry, Specialized designs products that perfectly match your body to your bike to improve your performance, your comfort, and even reduce your chances of injury. After 20 years of innovation using the materials available to them, Specialized had seemingly reached the end of what they could do with foam. By teaming up with the technology company Carbon®, Specialized has broken into the future with Mirror Technology!

This is some really cool stuff here, folks! The Carbon® system is essentially a 3D printing process from the future. Specialized and Carbon® are 3D printing liquid polymer with a process called Digital Light Synthesis, which allows them to fine-tune each and every aspect of a product to perfectly match the shapes and needs of that product. Basically, these products are “grown” from liquid with light and oxygen!

The first product that Specialized is using DLS is the S-Works Power Saddle with Mirror crafted by Carbon®. The S-Works Power Saddle with Mirror crafted by Carbon® features a lattice of 14,000 struts and 7799 nodes that can be tuned individually. This process allows the engineers to adjust the support, softness, vibration damping and even the texture properties of surface finish of the saddle, something that would take thousands of different foam and covering materials to accomplish before the development of DLS. The result is a saddle that supports where it needs to support, cushions where it needs to cushion, damps vibration throughout, and feels pleasant and secure underneath your body.

Because these products are 3D printed quickly, it allows Specialized to design, print, test, refine, print, and test again over and over until it’s perfect all in a fraction of the time that it used to take to bring a product to market, allowing Specialized to complete the development cycle of the Mirror Power Saddle in just 10 months. A product like this usually takes up to 24 months to accomplish!

Look for the S-Works Power Saddle with Mirror crafted by Carbon® stores soon, if they’re not there already! The Specialized Mirror Power saddles will be available in 143 and 155 widths. Check them out at and at select local ERIK’S Locations!