Electric Bikes & Exercise – The Stats Are In!

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One of the most common questions we get about E-Bikes is, “Will I still get exercise riding one?” In short, the answer is a resounding yes! We did some research and the stats are in. Keep reading to find out what we discovered about electric bikes and exercise! 

Meet ERIK’S Staffer, Ken.

ERIK’S Staffer Ken is an avid cyclist AND a super busy guy with job and family obligations. Time is precious to him. And, so are his workouts! Purchasing an electric bike and using it to commute to work has granted him more of both. Plus – riding an E-Bike has made him happier too!

Commuting by E-Bike = A Great Workout!

Ken lives 18 miles from work. He discovered that the level of workout he got while commuting on an E-Bike was very similar to when he rode his analog bike. This was good news! He was still getting a great workout in on his E-Bike. Not only that, he shaved 20-30 minutes per day off his commute time when riding his electric bike! This meant more time with his family and doing other things he loves. 

Ken used his Garmin Fenix 3 cycling computer, the Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor Strap, and Garmin vector pedals (on his analog bike, his Specialized Vado 5.0 has a built-in watts meter) to compare commuting 18 miles on his electric bike to his analog bike.

Here are his stats!

18 Mile E-Bike Commute:

  • Average Heart Rate: 150
  • Average Watts He Produced: 175
  • Time Saved: 20 to 30 minutes in each direction
  • Calories Burned: 500

18 Mile Analog Bike Commute:

  • Average Heart Rate: 160
  • Average Watts He Produced: 190
  • Time Saved: None
  • Calories Burned: 550
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(To make his commute safe, comfortable, and a success, Ken also uses all 45NRTH Cycling Apparel including boots! Ortlieb bags, Serfas and Niterider lights, and the Specialized Ambush helmet with Angi and MIPS technology.)

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Commuting By E-Bike = More Family Time!

Ken saved up to 30 minutes per day in commute time and only burned 50 fewer calories! He gets to ride his bike more which makes him happier overall. And he has more time to be with his family. There’s even more!

Commuting By E-Bike = More Energy for Racing!

Another benefit to commuting on an E-Bike is that Ken is able to keep riding the week of a bike race. He simply increases the level of assistance he gets from the motor. This allows him to reserve his energy for race day. His legs aren’t burnt out from biking to work all week long and he still gets to ride his bike before and after work. Or, in Ken’s own words: “I would much rather be on my bike than in my steel coffin (car) the week before a race.”

Check Out These Studies…

And don’t just take our word for it. Here are some other studies about electric bikes and exercise: 

Research is clearly showing the fitness benefits of electric bikes!

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