BMC Bikes Now At ERIK’S!

cyclist riding BMC bike on road in mountains

Part of our success at ERIK’S is our ability to partner with brands that share an honest passion for our sports. We want to keep riders’ needs at the forefront of innovation and have products that enhance the experience for everyone using them. So, we are excited to announce that the iconic and premium brand known as BMC (Bicycle Manufacturing Company) will now be in our stores and online. 

Who Is BMC?

BMC has been around since the late 80s and is a Swiss company known for efficiency, climbing well, and of course, creating speed. Their wins on the Tour de France, Paris Roubaix, and World Cup are evidence that BMC is in the upper echelon of the peloton and XC world. Their vision is to continually create and lead the future of premium high-performance cycling products and experiences. This is accomplished by 3 tenets that drive and govern who and what they are: Swiss, Premium, Performance cycling.

cyclists lined up riding BMC bikes

What Swiss, Premium, Performance Cycling Means To BMC


When you think of Swiss, what comes to mind? Chocolate, mountains, and watches? Some would say world-renowned, breathtaking, and precise. The Swiss aesthetic and design are apparent in all you see. Like their watches, the subdued outer designs hold their gift of precision and detail inside. The quiet elegance of the BMC ICS (Integrated Cockpit System) not only gives it a clean look but gives you an ROI of reducing drag. Speed created!


Being at the top is in their culture and DNA and it is represented through and through. It’s their north star that aims true to perfection. BMC’s attention to detail is so thorough it’s sought after. Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery. BMC led the charge with lowered seat stays and D-shaped seat posts. Companies followed that example in the quest for maximum velocity. Another premium add-on to their bikes is ACE+ (Accelerated Composites Evolution technology). Finding the correct balance between weight, stiffness, aerodynamics, and vertical compliance is key to optimal ride quality.


Performance cycling means a lot of things, but quite simply it means performance for you. BMC’s meticulous engineers listened to their pro riders. They created, tested, and tweaked iterations and encompassed a multitude of tools to create speed. An example of this is BMC’s TCC (Tune Compliance Concept) which can be found on the Teammachine and Roadmachine. They offer low seatstays, offset dropouts, carbon fork tips, and a re-designed seatpost. The result is a balance of stiffness and vertical compliance.

For the MTBers BMC has the tech for you too. Their APS (Advanced Pivot System) is a dual-link suspension design that balances pedaling efficiency, braking performance, and general suspension performance for XC riding and racing.

BMC bikes didn’t forget about the gravel-loving family. BMC’s MTT (Micro Travel Technology), which is offered on their URS gravel bikes, initially came from their cross-country MTB line.

How Do BMC Bikes Do It?  

Where does one experiment and evaluate prototypes for real-world testing? At their own Olympic velodrome on campus. It’s a place where pros and engineers alike get to see and feel what their dreams are and have become. It is this building that is the proving ground for the bikes you see today.  

BMC velodrome in Switzerland

BMC’s tag line is “Creating Speed”. BMC is continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in their own carbon production facility in Grenchen, Switzerland. It is called their Impec Lab for advanced R&D. This is really the heart of BMC Bikes. It’s a place where their engineers and designers come to play. The rapid carbon fiber prototyping, CNC machine, and 3D printer can create and make molds in-house for testing where they can meet and exceed the industry expectations. All these things together separate BMC from the pack and solidify them as a premium brand in the cycling world.  


Head into your local ERIK’S for a test ride! You can also purchase BMC Bikes online and get your dream bike shipped directly to you!