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Best Commuter Bikes for 2022!

top commuter bikes for 2022

It’s that time of year for a lot of us to start getting our bikes ready for riding outside! Unless you live in warmer weather year-round or have been toughing it out through the cold winter, you have probably been missing getting that bike out on the road or trail! Now is the time to start commuting by bike! Whether it’s for exercise, cutting down on those increasing gas prices, or just the freedom and fresh air, commuting by bike offers all of those. Below is ERIK’S list of the best commuter bikes for 2022!

Best Comfort Commuter Bike:

Specialized Sirrus

The Specialized Sirrus is a fan favorite for many reasons. The Sirrus was built with comfort in mind and this is part of the reason it is such a great commuter bike. This bike is also very versatile and can be used for many different biking activities and you can easily add racks and mounts for easier commuting around town.

Sirrus Models: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0

2022 specialized sirrus 3.0

Featured: Specialized 2022 Sirrus 3.0

Specialized Sirrus X

The Specialized Sirrus also has bikes available in the X models which have most of the same construction as the regular Sirrus but with more off-road capabilities.

Sirrus X Models: X, X2.0, X3.0, X4.0, X5.0

Specialized Sirrus 2022 Commuter bike

Featured: Specialized 2022 Sirrus X 5.0 

Best Commuter Electric Bike:

Specialized Vado

The Specialized Vado, like the Sirrus above, is an absolute fan favorite and extremely versatile commuter bike, but ELECTRIC! Increase the distance of where you need to ride to or give yourself an easier ride when commuting to work. Whatever you need the Vado to do, it can do it!

Vado Models: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0

Specialized Vado 5.0 step thru commuter bike

Featured: Specialized 2022 Vado 5.0 Step Thru

Specialized Vado SL

Want the Specialized Vado, but something lighter in weight? The Specialized Vado SL (superlight) model is perfect for you. It has the same great functions as the Vado, but with a much lighter bike.

Vado SL Models: 4.0 SL, 5.0 SL

specialized vado 5.0 sl commuter bike

Featured: Specialized 2022 Vado SL 4.0 EQ

Best Do-It-All Commuter Bike:

Haro Beasley

The Haro Beasley bike is one that can do it all and is available at an amazing price point. The Beasley is great as a commuter and used for more than that too! It works great on gravel and has capabilities for racks and mounts to use for touring. If you want a bike to commute around town and also use for other biking activities, this may be your bike! It is also available in kids’ sizes!

Beasley Models: 27.5, 27.5 DLX, 26 Kids’, 24 Kids’

haro beasley commuter bike

Featured: Haro 2022 Beasley 27.5

Best Comfort Electric Commuter Bike:

Specialized Como

The Specialized Como is much like the Vado but provides a more upright riding position that some commuters find more comfortable. This bike provides you with the power to commute wherever you need to!

Como Models: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 4.0 SL, 5.0 SL

2022 specialized como 5.0 sl bike

Featured: Specialized 2022 Turbo Como 5.0 SL Step Thru

Best Hybrid Commuter Bike:

GT Bikes Transeo

Looking for a good commuter bike that can also handle some off-roading? The GT Transeo bike is great and offers a very comfortable bike for commuting. It has front shocks to cushion your commute if you need to get off the pavement. This is an awesome bike at a great price for your commuting and beyond!

Transeo Models: Transeo Comp, Transeo Elite

GT Bikes transeo comp

Featured: GT Bikes 2021 Transeo Comp Hybrid Bike

Best Hybrid Electric Commuter Bike:

Aventon Level

The Aventon Level is an electric commuter bike that gives you access to travel all over in comfort! Whether you are transporting luggage or want to freedom to get off the pavement, this ebike gives you nice thick tires and front suspension for a smooth ride to get you where you need to be.

aventon level electric bike

Featured: Aventon 2021 Level Throttle on Demand

Best Commuter Bike on a Budget:

Raleigh Cadent

The Raleigh Cadent is a great commuter bike that is easy on the wallet and has a classy simplistic design. This bike will get you around town and you’ll look good doing it!

Cadent Models: Cadent 1, Cadent 2

Raleigh cadent 1 bike

Featured: Raleigh 2021 Cadent 1

Best Commuter Ebike on a Budget:

Aventon Soltera

Make sure to cut down on those gas prices with an electric bike that can get you wherever you need to be! The Aventon Soltera is available in a 7-speed electric bike or a single-speed electric bike and the price cannot be beaten. Save on your legs, your wallet, and the environment with this awesome ebike!

Soltera Models: Soltera 7, Single-Speed

aventon soltera singlespeed step thru

Featured: Aventon 2022 Soltera Step Thru Single Speed

Other Options for Best Commuter Bikes

There are so many reasons why commuting by bike is great. Whether you want to stay healthy and exercise more, save money with increasing gas prices, avoid rush hour traffic, or just enjoy the freedom of 2 wheels, we have a bike for you! Above are some of our favorite commuter bikes for 2022, but we have many more options as well. Check them out below!

Analog Commuter Bikes

Electric Commuter Bikes

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No matter your reason for commuting by bike, we hope you get out there and enjoy your day riding! You can also read our tips for commuting by bike. Check out all our best commuter bike options at or head into your local ERIK’S shop for a test ride today!