Best Comfort Bike – The Specialized Roll

If you want to feel good in every way while riding — the Specialized Roll is the bike for YOU. Designed to keep you extra comfy, you’ll find yourself smiling more, feeling happier, and simply having more fun on this bike! Keep reading to learn why we think the Specialized Roll is the best comfort bike on the market today!

1. High Quality

Specialized Bicycles has over 30 years of experience creating quality bikes — made for riders, by riders . They continue to raise the bar in the cycling industry with their innovative approaches to bicycle design. And, as you’ll find with the Specialized Roll, every inch of this bike has been thoroughly refined for optimal comfort and performance.

Two People riding Specialized Roll Comfort Bike

2. Super Comfortable

The Roll was designed with comfort in mind. And when you feel truly comfortable on your bike you can ride longer, focus on the pure enjoyment of cycling and take in all the good feels that come with this fun bike.

Specialized 2021 Roll Sport Step Thru Comfort Bike in mint green color

Some of the key features you’ll experience include:

Upright Riding Position — The Roll puts you in an easeful upright position that creates a harmonious connection between you and your bike. Sitting in this way invites you to ride, ride, and then ride some more with continued comfort. Perfect for recreational-type cyclists that like to take casual rides for fun and convenience.

Body Geometry Saddle — No expensive ‘add-on’ purchase needed here. Nope, the Roll comes equipped with a super-soft, wide, and comfortably padded body geometry saddle that will keep your bum happy and feeling awesome!

Body Geometry Grips — Forget about numb hands and blistering fingers from gripping your handlebars on a long ride. The Specialized Roll features Body Geometry Grips that will literally make your hands melt right into place on the handlebars.

Ground Control Geometry — Allows feet on the ground while delivering an efficient pedaling position

All this AND front and rear rack and fender mounts, a kickstand, and 650bx2.3″ tires for comfort and control.

3. Crazy Fun

Specialized realized that the more comfortable folks felt on their bike the more FUN they reported having while riding. The Roll is the bike you’ll ride to the nearby park to enjoy an outdoor concert with friends, what you’ll cruise around the lake on every Sunday afternoon, and it’s the bike you’ll hop on to head to the local brewery or ice cream shop on those sweet summer evenings.

Man riding the Specialized Roll Comfort Bike

4. Affordable

Why buy a big-box retailer’s bike when you can instead invest in a quality, trusted brand like Specialized. Plus, when you buy your new bike at ERIK’S, you receive a personalized shopping experience to get you on the right-sized bike for you and all of our ERIK’S Extras too!

The Roll comes with three model variations (all under $1000) — Base, Sport, or Elite. Choose the set-up that rocks your world and you’ll have a solid bike on your hands for years to come.

5. Stylish

Part of the Roll’s fun-factor is the cool colors and unique design. Specialized took different parts of many different bike styles to create a truly awesome ride. And you get color options so you can choose the bike that expresses your personality best.

Specialized 2020 Roll Elite LTD 420 Roll Comfort Bike

Ready to get rollin’ on a new Specialized Roll?

We can’t recommend this bike enough… Shop our selection of Specialized Rolls online or swing by your local ERIK’S to take one on a test-ride today to experience the comfort and fun in person!