Aventon Next-Gen Pace V2 Series

woman on Aventon Pace 500 bike with child in seat on back

The all-new Aventon Pace V2 series is here! The best-selling affordable electric bike from Aventon just got even better!  Whether you are looking to enjoy the trails, commute to work, or get exercise and fresh air, the Pace is a great bike for you! 

The Do-it-All eBikes Just Got Better 

Aventon has always been about giving you the best bang for your buck and the new Pace is no exception.  Aventon has updated both the Pace 350 and Pace 500. These next-gen models take everything you loved from the originals like a great price, comfortable ride, and performance motor, added integrated lights, a new display, and a sleek new battery. The Next-Gen Pace’s are also the first e-bikes to be certified by TÜV, a Germany-based product specification company, similar to UL here in the US. TÜV is primarily known for certifying cars in Europe so it only makes sense they’d branch out to e-bikes. They use standardized tests to check for the safety of the materials used, the safety of the overall bike and systems, and overall product quality. 

man loading groceries on back of an aventon pace 350

A Bright Future 

If you followed the Aventon Soltera launch, you may recognize the lights on the new Paces. The front light is mounted on the handlebars while the rear lights are flawlessly integrated into the rear seatstays for the ultimate clean look. The rear lights also act as brake lights, activating when you pull the brake lever, to alert people behind you that you’re slowing down. These lights are tied to the bike’s main battery so you never have to worry about charging your lights again! Go ahead and rip around all night, responsibly of course. 

Aventon Pace 500 against brick wall

Full Color Display 

The new Pace line has Aventon’s BC280 LCD screen. The BC280 is a full-color LCD screen that also features a backlight; even better for night riding. In addition to the screen itself, this display offers app connectivity with your phone and the Aventon app (Google, Apple). The app offers ride tracking, max & average speed, elevation, and calories burned. It also has social features like connecting with other Aventon riders and receiving medals when you hit certain milestones like riding your first 10 miles! 

new computer on new Aventon V2 Pace series

Aventon V2 Pace Series 350 vs 500 

The main differences between the Pace 350 and Pace 500 are the motors, brakes, and drivetrains. The 350, as the name implies, has a 350-watt motor, and the 500, you guessed it, has a 500-watt motor. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the motor; this is why the Pace 500 can go up to 28mph (where legal)! The 500 also features hydraulic disc brakes to keep all that power under control. The 350 offers mechanical disc brakes. Lastly, the 500 has an 8-speed drivetrain vs the 350’s 7-speed. They have some different colors too. Both come in the basic white and black; the 500’s additional colors are Celeste and Socal Sand, while the 350s are Cloud Gray and Plum. 

difference between Aventon Pace 350 and 500

What do I choose? 

Whichever you want! It’s hard to go wrong with either of these bikes. The Pace 350 is great for riding around the lake and with your family. However, if you’re commuting, carrying a lot on your bike, and/or want to go fast the Pace 500 will be for you. Check them out on shoperiks.com or call your local ERIK’S to set up a test ride! You can also view the entire Aventon line here!

cyclists sit on park bench with their Aventon V2 Pace series bikes