Aventon Abound Electric Cargo Bike – Haul It All

aventon abound electric cargo bike

Cargo bike fever is finally catching on in the United States and the Aventon Abound is the perfect electric cargo bike to get you wherever you need to be. Europe and other places have been using cargo bikes to replace cars for everything from grocery shopping, to commuting, dropping off kids at school, and even package delivery. With the rising costs of everything, cargo bikes are here to stay. 

Ready To Ride

What sets the Aventon Abound electric cargo bike apart from other companies’ offerings is that it is a ready-to-go electric cargo bike. The included front and rear fenders will keep you clean, while the enclosed rear full-frame skirts keep your gear, or passengers clean and safe on the ride. The rear rack and frame storage bags are there to carry whatever you need for the day, while the footboards are there to help support panniers or the feet of your passengers on the way to the market. 

The Aventon Abound electric cargo bike is a long-tail electric cargo bike built to load and go. With a 48v 750W brushless rear hub motor, 20mph top speed, and range of up to 50 miles, the Aventon Abound electric cargo bike can take you, and everything you need, through your days with ease.

Sharing Is Caring

The adjustability of the Aventon Abound makes it perfect for households where more than one person will be using the bike. It features adjustable handlebar height via a quick release and on-the-fly seat height adjustment with a handle under the saddle, similar to an old-school dropper post. Both of these adjustments are toolless so it’s incredibly easy to get going when switching between riders. 

abound cargo bike loaded up

No matter who is riding, they’re bound to be comfortable. To go along with all the adjustability, the Abound features an upright riding position to keep you satisfied, and wide tires to soak up bumps and keep the bike supported, even when fully loaded. 

Fancy Features

The suspension fork and 20 x 2.4” tires keep your ride smooth as you conquer rough city streets, or the occasional dirt path on your commute. The bright LCD Full-color display keeps all your riding information right in front of you, while the app is there to help you fine-tune your ride if needed. Aventon has also updated how they label their assist modes, so they now use off, eco, tour, sport, and turbo as their assist levels. This should be more intuitive to use with this type of motor system, especially for new riders. And if you’re an experienced e-bike rider, you’ll pick this up right away. 

The torque sensor on the Aventon Abound is a fantastic addition to an electric cargo bike. If you’ve never heard of a torque sensor, that’s okay. Basically, the bike can tell how hard you’re pushing on the pedals rather than just how fast you’re pedaling. This makes the acceleration smoother, helps extend the range by using the battery more efficiently, and allows you to better tune your ride for speed, a workout, or a combination of both! 

Getting on a bike while it is loaded with groceries, kids or gear can be tricky. Enter the Aventon Abounds step-through aluminum frame, sturdy double kickstand, and included dropper seatpost. When you are coming to a stop, you can drop the seatpost down and get it out of your way. Once you start going again, bring the seat back up to your riding height. The double kickstand keeps the bike planted as you load it up. 

Accessories Abound

Aventon Abound’s included front and rear lights run on your bike’s battery, so you never have to worry about leaving them at home, or running out of light on your way home because they did not get a full charge. The rear lights also feature turn signals for added safety and convenience. The hydraulic disc brakes will ensure constant and powerful stopping power in all conditions, and the low-maintenance 1×7 drivetrain will help keep you pedaling all day. 

The Aventon Abound will also have a full range of accessories to add on, including front baskets, front racks, front bags, seat pads, deck boards, rear baskets and handrails for the rear so your rear rack can carry even more gear or kids! 

family having a picnic with their aventon abound cargo bikes

Ditch The Car

Ready to start the cargo life? Head into your local ERIK’S for a test ride or check out all the Aventon Abound and accessories at shopERIKS.com