6 Ways to Refresh Your Bike

It might not be time for you to get a new bike… (Wait, what?!? Isn’t it always time for a new bike?) so here are some great ways that you can refresh your bike. With a few little tweaks, you can make your old ride feel new again.

New Wheels

Wheels are a popular upgrade to significantly improve your bike. Your wheels greatly influence how efficient your bike is and how it feels underneath you. For any style of bike, going with a lighter wheel will mean less effort to accelerate your bike and more efficient climbing. On the road side, going with a wheel that is more aerodynamic can allow you to save valuable watts and energy for that sprint finish or town-line battle with your friends. Check out our great selection of wheels here.

New Tires

Replacing your tires can be a great idea for multiple reasons. Maybe your tires are getting worn out or maybe your using your bike for a different riding style than the tires were originally intended.

Upgrading your tires can make a big difference in the feel and handling of your bike. If you’ve switched up your riding style over the years but are still on the same bike, it might be time to look at different tires. Maybe you’ve gone from riding in the dirt to riding the paths or commuting and want a smoother quieter ride. Switching to an appropriate tire will make your riding more efficient and more comfortable. Or maybe you’re riding on more gravel and need a little more traction and flat protection. With the right tire, you can ride confidently over rough terrain and know that you’ll have the traction you need for cornering and braking, while also having the flat protection you need.

Of course, tires also wear out from riding or just from exposure to the environment. If your tires are starting to show lots of little nicks and cuts, the tread is wearing thin, or the sidewalls are getting dry, it’s definitely time to replace them. Old or worn tires are more prone to flats, or worse, blowouts.

If you’re looking to add a little style to your bike, check out the tanwall options from Teravail.  Or shop our entire selection of tires.

New Grips or Bar Tape

Your grips or bar tape are one of the few places where you make contact with your bike. That means that grips or tape that are worn or uncomfortable are going to have a significant impact on your ride, whether it’s from a safety standpoint or comfort. New grips or tape are also an inexpensive way to add a splash of color to your ride. Maybe your bike came with solid black bar tape, and you want to add a little of your flair to the bike.

Check out Lizard Skins to see dozens of options to make your bike stand out.  Or shop our entire selection of grips and bar tape.

New Saddle

Speaking of contact points, your saddle is probably the one you notice more than any other when it’s uncomfortable. One of the most common conversations we have at ERIK’S is how to find the right saddle. What came on your bike might not fit you correctly. (Did you know that you have a specific saddle size?) What was comfortable for you last year might not be comfortable this year.

There’s no getting around the fact that riding a bike requires a lot of sitting, so it’s essential to find the saddle that’s right for you. The good news is that finding the right saddle isn’t a guessing game. Saddles come in different styles to match how you ride. They also come in different sizes. Are you on the right size? To learn more about how to find the right saddle, check out our Bike Seat Buying Guide. Or shop our entire selection of saddles.

Pedals and Shoes

The third contact point you have with your bike is through your feet. And whether you go on century road rides, epic mountain adventures, or just cruise to the local coffee shop, there are shoes and pedals for you.

With cycling pedals, you have two main categories, clipless and flat pedals. Clipless pedals are a little deceiving by name as you do “clip” into them, while flat pedals don’t hold your foot in any way. Clipless pedals add efficiency to your cycling as they allow you to not only push straight down on the pedal but also pull on the pedal. This lets you use the entire pedaling motion to propel you forward. The advantage of a cycling shoe is that it’s designed for cycling. These shoes are built to correctly support your foot through thousands and thousands of pedal revolutions you put into your bike in even a short ride. Even if you have no interest in clipless pedals (which is very common and perfectly fine!) you will still benefit from a cycling-specific shoe and upgraded pedals. The shoes will give you the stiff sole that a cycling shoe provides and the pedals will offer a bigger platform than stock pedals along with better traction to keep your foot in the right place! If you’re looking to upgrade your pedals, the iSSi Stomp XL pedals and the Specialized 2FO Flat shoes are s a great combination! You can check out our entire selection of shoes and pedals now.

Repair/Service – BONUS

Maybe your bike needs a little more than new tires. Does the chain skip around or the brakes make weird noises? Little things can keep you from feeling safe riding your bike or enjoying the ride as much as you should.

ERIK’S has professionally trained mechanics that can diagnose and take care of all your service needs. And often that doesn’t mean a complete tune-up, but a few adjustments to get your bike running smoothly again. You’d be amazed at what something as simple as replacing cables and housing will do to make your shifting feel like new again. With our Same Day Service, our goal is to make the necessary repairs quickly and at the best possible price so you can get back to enjoying your bike.  Click here to find your local store.

So there you have it, six (plus a bonus) ways you can refresh your ride. Stop by your local ERIK’S or head over to shoperiks.com to make your bike feel fresh again!