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5 Road Bikes We’re Psyched About this Season!

Spring is in the air which means it’s time to pack up your wahoo trainer, dust off your old friend “Road Bike”, and head to your favorite stretch of country to start logging some miles. 

Or, maybe old friend “Road Bike” has gracefully earned its forever vacation – retirement – and you find yourself in the market for a new bestie. 

If this is the case – you’re in luck. 2020 is proving to be a sweet, sweet year to upgrade your road bike ride…

Keep reading for the top 5 road bikes we’re psyched about this season coming straight from our ERIK’S staffers who ride and LOVE these bikes!

1. Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL Electric Road Bike

It’s lightweight, smooth, efficient, and even a bit exuberant— it’s the S-Works Turbo Creo SL Electric Road Bike —and it’s guaranteed to take you further and faster than you ever thought possible. 

2020 Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL Electric Road Bike

“With a 480-watt hour battery powering Specialized top-of-the-line 240-watt SL 1.1 proprietary motor, you can be going for distance and speed. With a sub 30-pound frame and the future shock 2.0, you’ll experience one of the supplest rides ever for any bike, not just electric.” ~William Lisle, ERIK’S Liberty, MO, Manager

“I could ride this bike all day. This bike, with its efficient frame and electric pedal assist system, is a game changer when it comes to how far one can enjoy a single road bike ride.” ~Tyler Jones, ERIK’S Eden Prairie, MN, Manager

A few other things that blow our minds about this bike: 

  • It’s the lightest ebike in its class weighing in at a mere 26.8 pounds!
  • The battery gives you 120 miles of mountain flattening turbo power (with the included range extender).
  • The assist turns you into a natural speed demon – up to 28mph!

2. Specialized Diverge Sport Carbon Road Bike

Looking for a ride that will let you have fun in the dirt, but also perform well on the road? Easy. It’s the Diverge Sport Carbon from Specialized. 

2020 Specialized Diverge Sport Carbon Road Bike

“A true quiver killer. It is first and foremost a gravel bike, but the geometry can allow for a really fun road experience as well. All you really need to do is keep an extra set of road tires around and your good to go.” ~Tanner Kading, Rassy’s Powered by ERIK’S Des Moines, IA, Manager

“I LOVE being able to ride it all, whenever I see an unknown road that looks fun, I go for it… I know the Diverge Sport Carbon will sail over anything ahead.” ~Mike Teiken, ERIK’S St. Cloud, MN, Manager

“Beautiful looking rig. Full carbon frame and fork, 105 components, tough wheels, and the future shock… what isn’t there to like? A few of our group riders chose this bike last year and love its ride.” ~BJ Tomczik, ERIK’S Coon Rapids, MN

“One of my favorite bikes because it’s such a suitable tool for a lot of jobs. I’ve outrun those mean old farm dogs with this bike and it was a good time!” ~Eric Rhodes, ERIK’S Overland Park, KS Manager

“An easy 5G-like connection to nature and your roaming self. All roads are available to you!” ~Dennis Teter, ERIK’S Vadnais Heights, MN, Manager

Other stellar things about this bike:

  • It’s versatile – adept at bikepacking, commuting, or even a spin to your local brewery.
  • The frame is made from FACT 9r carbon — the lightest in its category.
  • The Future Shock absorbs bumps with ease AND offers extremely solid handling. 

3. Bianchi Impulso All Road GRX Road Bike

Bianchi’s best-selling road bike — the Impulso All Road GRX invites riders to ride it ALL, comfortably, and for the pure joy of it.

2020 Bianchi Impulso All Road GRX Road Bike

“I like seeing new things and riding new places…the Bianchi Impulso All Road brings me there with its wider tires and stable geometry. Let’s be honest, nothing looks better than Bianchi Celeste with gravel underneath.” ~Mike Teiken, ERIK’S St. Cloud, MN, Manager

“Too much fun! It’s the perfect bike for endless unmaintained country roads and rolling hills. GRX is geared for climbing and with the set-up Bianchi chose – this should be on everyone’s “gravel” radar.” ~Eric Rhodes, ERIK’S Overland Park, KS, Manager

“For those that love the look of a classic Bianchi bike, but want all the upgrades of a modern gravel bike look no further! Plus, who doesn’t love Celeste!?” ~ Trevor Dosch, ERIK’S Highland Park, MN

A few other sweet features on this bike:

  • The Triple Hydroformed Technology makes the steering response of the frame strong and agile.
  • It fits 40mm tires on the front and rear.
  • The B.A.T. (Bianchi Active Technology) at the rear of the bike allows the bike to be efficient AND compliant (i.e. nice and comfortable) at the same time.

4. Specialized Tarmac Comp Disc Road Bike

A bike with aerodynamics? Let’s just say — it’s fast. Like real fast. Everywhere. It’s the Specialized Tarmac Comp Disc. Did we mention it’s fast?

2020 Specialized Tarmac Comp Disc Road Bike

“The tarmac is, in my opinion, one of the best road bikes ever made. The pure power that comes from the bike with every pedal stroke is astonishing and will make you want to keep on riding no matter the conditions.” ~Ryan Wall, ERIK’S Madison East

“The Tarmac is my favorite bike that Specialized makes. This bike is such an amazing blend of quick responsiveness while descending and plenty of power to climb any mountain, without sacrificing smoothness. The Tarmac just wails.” ~Ryan Foley, ERIK’S Burnsville, MN, Manager

“This bike is a rocket ship. It flies up the hills and descends with confidence. Feel free to let this bike rip through the corners with its race-winning design.” ~Tyler Jones, ERIK’S Eden Prairie, MN Manager

“A true “sports car” of a bike. The youthful feel of the bike gives me a giggle every time I swing my legs over one. So much fun that I recommend experiencing it for yourself.” ~Eric Rhodes, ERIK’S Overland Park, KS, Manager

Other rad things to note about this bike:

  • It’s Rider-First Engineered™ frame provides a perfectly tuned ride quality for every size.
  • The aero tech makes it 30 seconds faster over 40 kilometers than the Tarmac SL5.
  • It’s 20% lighter — which, you guessed it, makes it FAST!

5. Specialized Roubaix Sport Road Bike

With the radical new Future Shock 1.5, new Pavé seatpost, aerodynamics galore, and a Rider-First Engineered frame that’s as light as can be… Specialized isn’t lying when they say “Smoother is Faster” with the 2020 Roubaix Sport.

2020 Specialized Roubaix Sport Road Bike

“A fantastic blend of performance and value. Its fast, comfortable, and feels really confident over rougher terrain.” ~Tanner Kading, Rassy’s Powered by ERIK’S Des Moines, IA, Manager

“As an owner of the A Roubaix myself, I see the real potential behind this bike. It is light and fast enough to keep up with any bike you put against it, yet the most comfortable endurance bike I have ever ridden.” ~Ryan Wall, ERIK’S Madison East

“With the fact 10r carbon frame design and Shimano 105 drivetrain paired with their Hydraulic disc model of breaks, this bike is built for performance. Don’t be fooled though, this bike is no slouch in the comfort department. This bike gets outfitted with the future shock 1.5, Roubaix bar wrap and the Body Geometry Power Sport saddle making for an ultra-comfortable ride.” ~William Lisle, ERIK’S Liberty, MO, Manager

“No bike makes it easier to become a road rider. It’s a reasonable investment whose rewards will have you reflecting back several years later how it was the one that converted you!” ~Dennis Teter, ERIK’S Vadnais Heights, MN, Manager

Other interesting notes about this bike:

  • It was designed to go beyond gender – one bike for all riders without sacrifices to performance.
  • There’s FOUR stylish color options to choose from.
  • Simply put – it’s the most technically advanced road bike Specialized has ever produced.

What 2020 Road Bikes are top of your list? Let us know in the comments! If you’re ready for a test-ride, visit your local ERIK’S Shop today or peruse all of our Road Bikes online here.