2023 Aventon Pace.3 Review: Reinvigorate The Casual Bike Ride

2023 aventon pace.3 review

The Aventon Pace electric bike family has always been about comfort and having fun while riding. This 2023 Aventon Pace.3 review will highlight the amazing upgrades to the new Pace model. The Pace 500 and Pace 350 offer an upright riding position for all-day comfort. They also have mounts to add fenders and a rear rack. The 500 and 350 now include turn signals for even more safety and awareness on the road, an increased range of up to 60 miles to take you farther than before, and a new motor with a torque sensor. 

The Aventon Pace.3 Can Do A Lot

The Pace 350 and 500 can take you around the city for commuting, on bike paths for a recreational ride, or put the hammer down for a rewarding fitness ride. They offer versatility for all your paved riding needs. If you’re looking for a great bike to get you around town with the comfort for all-day riding, the Pace.3 electric bike is for you. 

Key Features

  • Torque sensor 
  • Up to a 60-mile range 
  • Turn signals 
  • Integrated lights 

Aventon Pace Upgrades

The biggest upgrade to the Pace.3 family is the addition of a torque sensor. With a torque sensor, the bike can now tell how hard you’re pushing on the pedals rather than just how fast you’re pedaling. This makes the acceleration smoother, helps extend the range by using the battery more efficiently, and allows you to better tune your ride for speed, a workout, or a combination of both! They’ve also updated their assist level terms to better fit with this new tech. The bikes now use Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo to denote their assist levels, making it intuitive for new and experienced e-bike riders. 

2023 aventon pace.3 electric bike review

ERIK’S Review

“I took the Pace 500.3 for a spin and the biggest thing I noticed is the smooth support of the motor. It is also very easy to get going after a stop with this new torque sensor. Especially in the tour and sport modes.” said Sam, ERIK’S E-Bike Expert. “While I didn’t get to limit test it, I used no noticeable battery in my short ride, lending some credence to Aventon’s 60-mile range claim.” He added. “If you’re used to riding without a torque sensor it will definitely take a ride or two to get used to it, but I think most people will love it once they try it.”

“There’s also some peace of mind I don’t usually have knowing that I have the bright brake light and turn signals to literally back me up. I currently ride a first-gen Aventon Level without all these creature comforts and while it’s a great bike, it doesn’t come close to the recent improvements Aventon has been making in terms of tech, safety, and number of features.” Sam added.  

Is The Aventon Pace.3 For You?

With the addition of new features to the Pace bikes, along with their incredible carryovers, these bikes are worth a look. The Pace.3 is a great upgrade if you’re a current Pace owner or if you want a second bike in your lineup. If you’re just looking to ride further on leisure rides or need some extra support on your commute, I’d recommend you take a look at the Pace 350.3. If you’re looking to go fast on your commute or live in a hillier area, the Pace 500.3 will be the bike for you. 

Perhaps neither of those options sounds great. If you’re looking for more accessories out of the box and want a sporty position on the bike, check out the Aventon Level.2. Want something that’s still upright but has some more bells and whistles? Take a look at the Specialized Como family!  

aventon pace.3 scenic ride

Written By: Samuel Harmon, ERIK’S Content Manager 

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