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Expert Bike Repair + Service at ERIK'S

ERIK'S Bike Board Ski has a fully trained, experienced service department ready to handle all of your bicycle repair/service needs. Whether you need a simple adjustment or a performance overhaul, ERIK'S trained mechanics will get you safely back out riding.

Have an Electric Bike? We service eBikes too! Bring your bike into your local ERIK'S for a repair estimate today!

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to diagnose or estimate repairs over the phone. Please bring your bicycle into your most convenient ERIK’S location to receive and accurate estimate for cost and turn-around time.


Bicycles are designed to last a long time as long as you keep them in good condition. Let us help! Keep your bike in peak performance with ERIK'S Care one or two-year service plans - and save money on service costs!

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Our mechanics always start with a thorough repair estimate. They will discuss the problem and explain what work should be done - always respecting your choices and your budget. This approach means we can get your bike back to you much quicker and often saves you money too!

*There are a few select electric bike brands that we cannot service. Call us (877-885-2453) if you have questions about a specific brand.


If something is wrong with your bike, the first thought many people have is 'My bike needs a tune-up' and we hear you loud and clear. Our experience, though, is that most bikes that people think need a tune up are better served with a couple key adjustments to make sure it's running smoothly. With ERIK'S Same Day Service, our goal is to make the necessary repairs quickly and at the best possible price. Often this means we can get your bike back to you in the same day for less than the cost of a tune up, and we service all brands and models of bike! Whether you've got an old favorite you want to get riding again, or keeping your state of the art bike in top shape, you can trust your bike with ERIK'S trained mechanics.

Bring your Bike in Today for a Repair Service Estimate by an ERIK'S Service Technician.



Tube or Tire InstallInstallation of tire or tube and inflation to the proper pressure
Tubeless Tire SetupInstallation of a tubeless tire with sealant and inflated to the proper pressure
Brake AdjustmentsAdjustment of brake including replacing of the brake cable
Derailleur AdjustmentsAdjustment of derailleur including replacing of cable
Wheel TruingBringing the spokes on your wheel back up to the correct tension and making the wheel true
Ride ReadyAll hardware on the bike is checked to ensure they're tight, tires are inflated to match your riding preference, the chain and cable housing is lubricated, and the frame and fork receive a polish to make them look like new
Chain InstallationInstallation of a new chain sized to the correct length and verification that the drivetrain is working properly
Spoke InstallationReplacement of broken spoke and bringing the wheel back in to true
Accessory InstallationFrom training wheels to bar tape, we can make sure they're installed correctly on your bike
Disc Brake BleedRemoval of old pads and brake fluid, installation of new pads and fluid
Di2 Custom TuningCustom tune of Di2 electronic shifting to your riding preference
Suspension ServicesFrom oil changes to complete rebuilds, we can keep your suspension running smoothly


All ERIK'S locations offer a full range of bike repair services, if you need work done on your bike, we can do it. Stop into your local ERIK'S for a Repair Estimate.