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Burley Encore Trailer Walk Through

The Burley Encore trailer available at Erik's Bike and Board has excellent versatility. Connect the trailer to your bike one day and set it up for jogging the next. Or, one can opt to set the Encore up for less-intense strolling, a pace that is more suited to babies. Now that's versatility!

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What's a Run Bike?

Run bikes are a great way to introduce children to riding a bike. The 2012 Haro Z10 Boys and Girls Bikes feature a crank-less design, 10-inch mag wheels, scuff-resistant tubeless tires, oversized padded seat and a quick release height adjust seat post. Parents can use the grab-handle on the back of the seat to help their child find their balance point, and best of all, won’t have to worry about their floors getting destroyed when they want to practice riding inside!



Erik's Bike Purchase Benefits

FREE ACCESSORY INSTALL: Accessories purchased with your new bike at Erik's Bike Shop will be installed free of charge on your new bike. FREE BIKE ADJUSTMENTS: Our service technicians will perform free adjustments during the first 2 years you own your new bike purchased at Erik's Bike Shop.
FREE TUNE-UP: Erik's Bike Shop offers one free tune-up (MP-2) within the first year of owning your new bike purchased at Erik's Bike Shop. EXPERTISE: Erik's Bike Shop employs 3 full-time trainers to continually provide updated training for all our staff mechanics at each store. We ensure high-quality service!

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