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Gravel Racing Checklist

Gravel Racing - Expect the Unexpected

If there's one thing you can count on when gravel racing, it's to be prepared for the unexpected. All sorts of things can happen out on those lonely stretches of gravel! Here are a few must-haves and nice-to-haves we carry with us while out pounding rocks ... now you just have to prioritize and find room for it all!


arrowAn excess of water carrying capabilities - extra cages, Camelbak
arrowElectrolyte tabs and energy gels
arrowSpare tubes, patch kit, pump preferred over CO2 ... otherwise carry multiple CO2 canisters
arrowBento box that also relates to: Calories - Real food is very important to keep you moving as you'll burn a lot of calories grinding the gravel. Plan to consume more than just energy replacements
arrowHighly effective GPS
arrow30 spf sunscreen. Apply often as most gravel routes will not have a lot of tree cover/shade


arrowAsprin or equivalent
arrowToilet paper/tissue - it happens
arrowMap holder
arrowPlastic baggies for ID, wallet, etc.
arrowFront and rear lights if finishing in rain/fog/dark
arrowClothing options if appropriate based on seasonality

Where's the Racin'?

If you're looking for a place to start your gravel road racing planning, check out the Almanzo Series. Our friends at Almanzo started their grassroots racing program several years ago at their home base in Rochester, MN and it has grown considerably since its inception. You will find a list of races to hit along with a highly entertaining blog from its members.

A Key to Gravel Racing Success - Getting Professionally Fit For Your Bike


Having a comfortable bike setup is hyper critical to simply just finishing a gravel race. A sore back, neck, wrists or forearms are common occurences
when bouncing through choppy terrain. Check out a new saddle, grips or bar tape to help get you down the road to comfort. Or, even better, get
professionally fit for your bike - the benefits are endless.

arrowBG FIT

Why BG Fit?: BG FIT, or Body Geometry Fit for long, is the ultimate level of bicycle fitting offered today in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Maximum
increases in comfort, efficiency and power. It will aid in a more positive gravel racing experience if you are properly fit for your bike.

What Does it Include?: We complete an entire rider history review with you before starting the assessment. Following the history overview, our
fit experts complete an 18-point physical assessment for what works best with your body. We complete a dynamic hip, knee and foot alignment
using sophisticated video evaluations. We don't ignore the feet either! Your footbeds and foot stability are taken in to account.

Want to Learn More?: Checkout out Erik's Bike Shops entire lineup of fitting services.


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