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Erik's is your Adventure Road Bike expert! Wherever the road leads - Gravel, dirt or paved -  Adventure Road Bikes can do it all. Let us find the bike for you.

Discover the Specialized Diverge

Discover the Specialized Diverge Adventure Road Bike

About Adventure Road Bikes

Wherever the road leads, a new class of road bikes will take you on miles and miles of cycling adventures. Whether the road less traveled is the aim of your ride, or crushing gravel in Midwestern events such as Almanzo, Dirty Kanza, and the Dairy Roubaix, ERIK'S has the right bike for you. With clearance for wider tires and endurance geometry, adventure bikes are nimble and lightweight but rugged enough for far ranging rides across varying road surfaces.

Tamland and the Holy Gravel Article

Peloton Magazine Article on Erik's Gravel Manager Trip In 2013, Erik's ran a Manager Trip on the not yet released Raleigh Tamland. This was a classic Adventure Road Bike trip from our offices in Bloomington, MN down to Iowa and back. All by bike, mostly on Gravel Roads. As the Tamland had not even been released to the public yet, we were joined on the trip by a writer from Peloton Magazine who covered both the trip and reviewed the Tamland. Check out the full article here.

Adventure Road Bikes and BG Fit

Once you have your new Adventure Road Bike, one of the most important considerations is fit. Given the amount of time Adventure Cyclists spend in the saddle, and the type of terrain they often ride on, having a fully dialed bike fit can be the difference between enjoying the ride, and suffering through it. Erik's uses the Specialized Body Geometry Fit Method. Developed after years of working with Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, Specialized Body Geometry FIT is a comprehensive fit philosophy created to help cyclists ride faster, longer and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury. If you are serious about racking up the miles on your Adventure Road Bike, a Body Geometry Fit from ERIK'S may be a great investment for you! Find out more about this service and make an appointment here.

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