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Mountain Bikes at Erik's Bike and Board Shop

Whether you are looking for a mountain bike for intense single track, downhill or
recreational cross country Erik's Bike and Board has the right bike for you. We offer
the highest quality MTB bikes from Specialized, Raleigh and Pivot and we are
the Midwest's No. 1 Specialized retailer. Our expert staff will get you dialed in with the
right bike for your preferred riding style!

Specialized Epic Mountain Bike Video


Specialized Mountain Bike Models
Epic | Stumpjumper | Rockhopper | Hardrock | Camber | Carve | Fate | Myka | Safire


ERIK'S is a proud sponsor of the Minnesota High School Mountain Bike League and NICA.


Erik's Bike Purchase Benefits

FREE ACCESSORY INSTALL: Accessories purchased with your new bike at Erik's Bike Shop will be installed free of charge on your new bike. FREE BIKE ADJUSTMENTS: Our service technicians will perform free adjustments during the first 2 years you own your new bike purchased at Erik's Bike Shop.
FREE TUNE-UP: Erik's Bike Shop offers one free tune-up (MP-2) within the first year of owning your new bike purchased at Erik's Bike Shop. EXPERTISE: Erik's Bike Shop employs 3 full-time trainers to continually provide updated training for all our staff mechanics at each store. We ensure high-quality service!

What the Heck is a 29er? 29er vs. 26-inch

If you've taken a bit of a break from mountain bike riding or are new to the sport you'll often hear the term 29er thrown around. In recent years, there has been a wide-sprung rise in popularity in the 29er mountain bike segment. So, what exactly is a 29er? A 29er is essentially a mountain bike tire and rim combination measuring 29 inches in diameter. A more traditional mountain bike uses a 26-inch tire and rim diameter. To be a bit more specific, a 29er uses the identical rim diameter of a road bike, the 700c. Of course, a typical road rim is not developed for the rigors of off-road riding and can't support the girth of a mountain bike tire, so structurally there are a lot of differences.

  • For taller riders, a 29er can help bring the bike back into ideal proportions, which allows for a feeling of greater stability. Shorter riders (5' to 5-foot-5) can also enjoy the benefits of a 29" MTB, however the slight increase in weight can be a bit more difficult to manage for smaller riders on uphills.
  • Due to the increased wheel/tire size, there is more contact with the ground and that allows for enhanced grip and traction. Uphill climbing can be negotiated with less effort on a 29er vs. the traditional 26-inch mountain bike. The larger 29-inch tire also allows for less roll resistance over choppier terrain, which essentially means you can go faster without losing as much momentum as a traditional 26-incher.
  • 29er Pros: Traction, roll resistance, tire pinch-flat resistance, reduced bearing wear, slower tire wear, increased balance and proported increased grip, less fatiguing ride over bumpy terrain
  • 26-inch Pros: Less weight than a 29er, easier to mount for smaller riders, quicker acceleration, responsiveness in tight cornering, easier to lift front end over obstacles, feel more connected and engaged during ride

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