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Recreational Riding at ERIK'S

ERIK'S has a wide array of recreational bicycles for the entire family.
We offer the highest quality crusiers, comfort and cross bikes on the market that will
last the test of time. Our expert staff will get you dialed in with the right bike for your
preferred riding style at a price that can't be beat! While you are visiting an Erik's Bike Shop
location learn of all the great places Minnesota and Wisconsin have to offer for path riding.

Why Choose a Vita?

Vita riders want the speed of a road bike with the comfort and confidence that comes from a flat bar. Whether exercising, commuting, or hitting the open road, their ideal bike fits great out of the box and is versatile, light, fast, and stable—one that's comfortable enough for recreational rides, but still packs enough performance for the occasional event ride or triathlon.

Why Sirrus?

Rocket on the road. Speed in the city. Sirrus doesn't discriminate, letting riders attack both with style. Combining the heart of the world's best road bikes with a flat-bar, urban-friendly form, Sirrus redefines the notion of versatility. Race it at a local event on the weekend, then race it past traffic to work all week.

Erik's Bike Purchase Benefits

FREE ACCESSORY INSTALL: Accessories purchased with your new bike at Erik's Bike Shop will be installed free of charge on your new bike. FREE BIKE ADJUSTMENTS: Our service technicians will perform free adjustments during the first 2 years you own your new bike purchased at Erik's Bike Shop.
FREE TUNE-UP: Erik's Bike Shop offers one free tune-up (MP-2) within the first year of owning your new bike purchased at Erik's Bike Shop. EXPERTISE: Erik's Bike Shop employs 3 full-time trainers to continually provide updated training for all our staff mechanics at each store. We ensure high-quality service!

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