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ERIK'S Bloomington Store

Bloomington Store Information

Located just south of Richfield, ERIK’S Bloomington store is a short ride away from the city lakes, Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport or the Mall of America. In winter or summer, the nearby River Bottoms connect with the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge and are a favorite of mountain bikers. Hyland Hills has one of the best terrain parks for skiers or snowboarders when the snow flies. The Old Cedar Avenue Bridge is being reinforced in 2015; when complete will be a destination for all types of cyclists. Skip Southdale or South Town malls and stop in at ERIK’S where there is plenty of bike parking and you don’t have to walk a mile if you drive. An often-overlooked road ride through Bloomington circles the city via Auto Club Road and passes the Minnesota Valley Country Club, and through the trails of Bush Lake and Hyland Lake Park Reserve.

Bloomington Store Services

This store is an Electric Bike StorePedal Assist E-Bike Store - Pedal Assist Electric bikes are great for commuters, casual riders, or anyone looking for a little bump in speed on their next ride. Erik's Electric Bike or "E-Bike" locations have the best selection of electric bikes in stock, however you like to ride.

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This store sells a huge selection of bikesBikes - Every Erik's location has a great selection of bikes to choose from as well as the expert staff on hand to help you pick the right bike for you. Wheel on in today and test ride your next bike! We're hear to make the experience fun and work to meet your unique riding needs.

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This store services all makes of bikes, skis and snowboardsService - We pride ourselves on quality service of all bikes; whether it's a brand new bike, or an old favorite, we know you'd rather be riding. Erik's offers Same Day Service on many repairs and adjustments to get you in and out quickly. Every bike we sell also comes with two years free adjustments and one free tune up at no additional charge. From October through March, Erik's also can get your skis and snowboards waxed tuned and ready to ride.

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This store is a Tru-Fit bike sizing locationTru-Fit - The best bikes are properly sized. Every Erik's location has trained staff on hand to size your next bike - a critical step in getting you on the right road bike. If you're interested in road bikes, we start by measuring your unique body and deciding on the right size of bike. For the ultimate in comfort and performance, look to our Body Geometry Fit services to get your bike dialed.

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This store sells snowboardsSnowboards - When snow covers the ground, that doesn't mean it's time to go inside! This Erik's location carries snowboards for riders from young to old, casual to aggressive. We'll match you with the ride board for where and how you ride! If skiing is more you're thing, that's okay too, Erik's happily serves skiers and boarders. Available in stores from October through March.

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This store sells Downhill skisDownhill Skis - Winter... Bring it on! Erik's has great skis and knowledgeable staff to get you on the slopes this winter. From a kid in their first season, to a seasoned park skier and recreational skiers in between, we've got the equipment and knowledge to set you up this winter. If snowboarding is more you're thing, that's okay too, Erik's happily serves skiers and boarders. Available in stores from October through March.

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This store Leases kids snowboards and skisLeasing - At Erik's we know that kid's grow fast, and keeping them in gear from season to season is expensive. That's why Erik's offers high quality equipment for young skiers and boarders alike. Available November through March, kid's ski and snowboard leasing is a great way to try out a new sport, or supply a family of growing riders.

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This store sells Pro ScootersPerformance Scooters - Everybody starts somewhere, and for kicking around the neighborhood, or hitting the local skatepark, scooters are a great way for young riders to explore and learn new skills. Erik's carries scooters that are made to last and serviceable; from street to dirt, see why little wheels can be a lot of fun!

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This store sells skateboards and longboardsSkateboards and Longboards - Skateboarding knows know age limit, so whether you're most at home in skatepark, or cruising the streets and paths on a longboard, we've got great brands and staff that rides to help you make your selection. When it's time to change out wheels or bearings, we've got a great part selection to keep you rolling as well.

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Come Ride with us!

Check out these great rides at our   Store


When: Wednesday, 6:00pm

Where: Erik's Bike Shop - Eau Claire - See Map

Ride Leader: Craig Manthe

Ride Pace: Set by group

Distance: 10+ miles

Ride Description: The group ride will meet at Phoenix park in downtown Eau Claire. Craig and Jon will lead the group to one of our great mountain bike trail systems. Each week will provide fun, fast and flowling single track. This ride will be challenging and is sure to keep your heartrate up. Riders will regroup regularly to ensure everyone can finish safely but may spread out across the trail while moving quickly.

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Endorphin Junkies A Ride

When: Wednesday, 5:45pm

Where: Erik's Bike Shop - Coon Rapids - See Map

Ride Leader: Ken McFarlane

Ride Pace: 20-23mph

Distance: 35-45 miles

Ride Description: Come join Ken and Jim on a fun and fast paced group ride! We will start out together for the first half. The pace will quicken as the A group is a drop ride. If you get dropped, the B group will sweep you up. The B group will be averaging 16-19mph and is a no drop ride. The B group is a great place to learn pace lining skills if you have never ridden in one before or a good group to ride in if you are wanting to go at an easier pace and have a lot of fun. A groups will ride around 35-45 miles and the B group will ride 25-40 miles.

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GWed GMN GRoad GCnrp

Endorphin Junkies B Ride

When: Wednesday, 5:45pm

Where: Erik's Bike Shop - Coon Rapids - See Map

Ride Leader: Jim Coder

Ride Pace: 16-19mph

Distance: 25-40 miles

Ride Description: Come join Ken and Jim on a fun and fast paced group ride. There will be an A & B group. Jim will be leading the B group at an average pace of 16-19 mph. This is a no drop ride and is a great place to learn pacing lining skills if you have never ridden in one before. If you are looking to go a little faster, Ken will be leading the A group at a 20-23mph pace. The B group will ride 25-40 miles, while the A group will ride 35-45 miles.

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GWed GMN GRoad GCnrp

Battle Creek Run Around

When: Wednesday, 6:00pm

Where: Battle Creek Community Rec Center - See Map

Ride Leader: Blake Kirchner & Doug Holtz

Ride Pace: Set by group

Distance: 10-20 miles

Ride Description: Come join us for a fun group ride at Battle Creek. All rider abilities welcome. Ride typically lasts 2 hours and covers at least one full lap. The terrain can be ridden by someone new to the sport and at times challenge the best of riders. There is something for everyone at this ride. So come on down to Battle Creek every Wednesday night and enjoy the fun!

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ERIK'S x Next Door Brewing Thirsty Tuesday Casual Ride

When: Tuesday, 6:30pm

Where: Next Door Brewing - See Map

Ride Leader: Carson Bell

Ride Pace: 10-12mph

Distance: 15-20 miles

Ride Description: Looking for a spandex-free good time? Join the Erik's and Next Door Brewing Company crew for a super fun, super casual urban ride through Madison. Earn deals on beers before and after the ride. Free pints for first-time riders courtesy of Next Door, as well as happy hour pricing for all of our riders all night. We will meet up at Next Door around 6, grab a beer, brief the riders and take off at 6:30, returning to Next Door at the conclusion of the ride for a post ride drink and snack. Come hang!

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GTue GWI GCasual GMdea

Watts Up Tonight

When: Thursday; 6:00PM

Where: Erik's Bike Shop - Eau Claire - See Map

Ride Leader: Kyle Retallick

Ride Pace: 19-20mph

Distance: 35-40miles

Ride Description: Join Kyle for this 35-40 mile, 19-20 mph average road ride through Eau Claire and surrounding areas. We'll start off from the shop and warm up as we head toward the countryside. Get ready to crank up the watts to hit a variety of challenging hill climbs and finish strong with a leg-snapping spring back to the shop! KOM (king of the mountain) and sprint points will be awarded on every ride! If you're looking for a fun challenge that will test your endurance and your hill climbing skills, this ride is your perfect fit!

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GThur GWI GRoad GEclr

Fat Brian's Twisted Carnival

When: Monday, 6:00pm

Where: Erik's Bike Shop - St. Cloud - See Map

Ride Leader: Brian Betz

Ride Pace: Set by group

Distance: 10-15 miles

Ride Description: Come One! Come All! Make your way down to Fat Brian's Twisted Carnival! Fat Brian, your carnival leader, will lead you through all the Tight Twisty Single Track St. Cloud has to offer. We will leave from the shop and hit the Urban Trails while on the way to Plum Creek or The Jail Trail. This is a no-drop ride. Little Shredders are welcome!

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Turnin' and Burnin'

When: Thursday; 6:00PM

Where: Erik's Bike Shop - Eau Claire - See Map

Ride Leader: Dennis Barone

Ride Pace: 15-16mph

Distance: 20 miles

Ride Description: Join Dennis for an end of the week bike ride! Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a new rider looking to improve your skills, meet other cyclists, or see what a group ride is all about, this is a great opportunity for you! Ride starts at the Erik's store in Eau Claire and is a no drop group ride. We ride at an average of 14-16mph through the gorgeous country roads surrounding Eau Claire. Come and join us this Thursday at 6pm!

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GThur GWI GRoad GEclr

Dirt Church

When: Sunday, 8:45am

Where: Elm Creek Mountain Bike Trails - See Map

Ride Leader: Ken McFarlane & Seth Emter

Ride Pace: Set by group

Distance: 11 miles

Ride Description: Ride Starts 9/04/2016
Come revel in the Church of Mother Nature and shred the single track trails that are Elm Creek! It will be a no-drop ride, but it will be fast paced; If you like your Sundays for rest, find a different congregation, because this congregation worships with shredding and sore legs. The ride will consist of one full lap of Elm Creek (about 11 miles). We will be meeting in the trailhead parking lot of Elm Creek no later than 8:45 am and we will start the ride promptly at 9am with or without you. If time permits and riders want to go for additional laps, we'll do our best to make it happen! P.S. As soon as snow flies, Dirt Church will become Snow Church, which will be a fatbike only ride (sorry, pizza cutters!) with the same pace, held at the same time and place.

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