Electric Bikes or e-Bikes are a new category of bike that have an added electric motor to assist riders on their rides. Erik's carries e-Bikes from a2b, Currie, Torker and the new Specialized Turbo Electric Bike at select stores in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Electric Bikes | e-Bikes at Erik's Bike Shop

The Specialized Turbo Electric Bike is a new breed of e-bike! Designed to be as light, strong and sleek, the Specialized Turbo is the fastest, best looking electric bike out there.
New at Erik's: 

Specialized Turbo Electric Bike

The Specialized Turbo Electric bike blends the best parts of road bikes and e-bikes, style and performance. It has created a whole new world of electric bikes. In designing the Turbo e-Bike, Specialized wanted to create a speed-focused, high-tech urban bike that looks and performs like a fast bike should… and it just happens to have a motor! With a top speed of 45kph, the Turbo is unquestionably fast. It's even fast standing still: the battery recharges in just 2.5 hours.

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Specialized Turbo Electric e-bike Video

What is an Electric Bike or e-Bike?

Electric Bikes, otherwise known as "E-bikes" are bicycles that have an added electric motor to assist riders on their rides. Erik's stocks two different styles of E-bikes; pedal-assist and power-on-demand. In pedal-assist, an electric bike applies power based on the pedaling speed to move the rider faster with less energy while power-on-demand is used by moving a throttle and doesn't require rider input. E-bikes are different from a scooter or a motorcycle by going at a slower speed, and can be used on most bike paths with proper lighting and horns.

Why should I get an E-bike?

Electric bikes are great for many different riders. If you're a commuter, you don't have to deal with hard to find parking spaces and you can get to work or run errands with less energy. For recreational riders, e-bikes allow riders to more easily tackle hilly terrain, or to keep up better with others. More and more people are using e-bikes in urban areas as a replacement for a car - there's no need to fill it with gas, and it takes up a much smaller parking space. At the end of your ride, all you do is plug it in until you are ready to go again.

What else do I need with an electric bike?

If you're going to be out after dark, local laws require appropriate lighting, often including a white front and red flashing rear light. To carry your load, a rack and bag works very well, and when on commuter paths, it is a good idea to let others know you are approaching with a bell or horn. Be safe and enjoy the stress-free commute of an electric bike!


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