ERIK'S Event Support and Community Giving Programs

ERIK'S is proud to support organizations,  events, and community programs that encourage healthy lifestyles through cycling, skiing, snowboarding or skateboarding.
ERIK'S is proud to support organizations, events, and community programs that encourage healthy lifestyles through cycling, skiing, snowboarding or skateboarding. We encourage all members of our communities to be active and support efforts that help bring positive experiences to others.

Event Promotion

ERIK'S promotes events and organizations by leveraging our community. Organizations wanting to post about their organization or event in ERIK’S stores, on ERIK’S Event Calendar, or to get their event promoted by ERIK’S social media, please fill out the Event Promotion form.Apply Now

Event Support

ERIK'S provides support to charity rides, races, bike rodeos and unique cycling events throughout our markets. If you have an event in Minnesota or Wisconsin you would like us to consider providing support to, please complete the following Event Support Application.

Please note, our event calendar fills up quickly. Submit your request no less than 60 days prior to your event. Event support requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year for consideration of events up to 12 months away.Apply Now

Community Giving & Grants

ERIK'S provides in-kind financial support to organizations and events committed to cycling and wellness. Applications are reviewed on an on-going basis. Please note, requests of over $500 may take 2-3 months to be reviewed. Review the Eligibility Requirements prior to submitting your request.

ERIK'S Community Giving Fund provides small incentive prizes for raffles, door prizes and giveaways to many qualifying organizations. This fund primarily provides donations in the form of ERIK'S Gift Cards. Examples of organizations who qualify for these donations include, but are not limited to:
  • Bike Rodeos
  • Youth Bicycle Safety Programs
  • Community Wellness Fairs
ERIK'S Grant Program has helped to fund many great organizations and events with a dramatic result on our local cycling communities. If you are interested in applying for a grant through ERIK'S please include detailed information about your cause and any details about the program or project an awarded grant will help complete. Examples of past Grant Awardees are:
  • Minnesota High School Cycling League
  • Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota
  • Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin
  • Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists
  • and many, many more
Apply Now

Community Giving and Grant Eligibility Requirements

All eligible grant and donation requests must be for a community program or event that meets at least two of the following criteria:
  • Promotes bicycling, snowboarding, skiing, and/or skateboarding
  • Encourages health and wellness through active lifestyles
  • Supports bicycle safety and advocacy efforts
  • Benefits a non-profit organization dedicated to health and wellness
  • Provides educational and recreational opportunities for youth
ERIK'S does not award grants or donations to:
  • Individuals for personal gain or personal fundraising
  • Applicants located outside of Erik's business communities
  • Religious or political organizations
  • Athletic teams or events unrelated to health & wellness, bicycling, snowboarding, skiing or skateboarding
If you have any questions concerning these programs, please email us at

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