ERIK'S Body Geometry Road Bike Fit focuses on achieving a balanced rider position to achieve best power, efficiency, comfort, and injury prevention. Get the best Road Bike fit of your life with ERIK'S and Specialized BG Fit!
Body Geometry Road Bike Fit Video

Body Geometry Road Bike Fit

  • Performance considerations
  • Balanced rider position to achieve best power, efficiency, comfort, and injury prevention
  • Computrainer pedal stroke assessment( Spin Scan) and power assessment
  • Video capture system allows you to see position changes in real time
  • Full fit report and videos from fit session
  • Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • Price: $250
  • Please note: due to differing needs of our clients, we may recommend the purchase of small parts to properly achieve the best fit
Available by appointment only at ERIK'S Fit Lab Stores
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Milwaukee Greenfield | Kansas City Leawood

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Body Geometry Bike Fit Process

1. Rider Profile Interview: Every fit, whether a novice or experienced cyclist, starts with an interview between our fit specialist and the rider to understand each rider's injury history, needs and goals.

2. Physical Assessment: This is the key to the Body Geometry fit process, allowing our fit specialists to develop an acurate picture of a rider's flexibility and other physical attributes, so they'll be able to make the proper adjustments to help you be one with your bike.

3. Side View: Assessed from the side, the goal is to determine their unique active riding position that's both powerful and comfortable through adjustments to seat height, handlebar position, stem length, and cleat placement.

4. Front View: Unique to the Body Geometry fit process, this frontal view analysis will optimize their hip, knee, and foot alignment for greater performance, power delivery, and injury prevention.

5. Follow Up: With each fit we include a follow up appointment, to ensure that all changes to the rider's position are working optimally.


Customer Testimonials:


I am VERY happy! I have only been out for a few rides due to the weather, but earlier this week I got in a 50 mile ride on hilly roads....and I finished with no back or knee pain. Only got off the bike once to wait for traffic before finishing the ride with one last climb. I felt great during and after the ride...and that is unusual for me this early in the season. Thank you so much for doing such a great job!

Mike H.

Just wanted to let you know the new setup is fabulous ! After 3 rides I have increased my average speed by about 1 mile per hour. More importantly the seat and bar placement fits me like a glove. I have more power for the hills and I am not sore. Not even my lower back. You did a great job and I just wanted to let you know. I will definitely recommend the bike fit to everybody.


Just returned from a short first ride. In a word - marvelous. The first thing I noticed was how much more stable I am. The bike isn't moving back and forth so much and is easier for me to handle around corners, etc. I feel so much more in control. This makes sense since I am not fighting the bike but I didn't think it would make this much difference. The second thing is I feel so much more efficient. I seem to be making the most of each pedal stroke. My knees are definitely pumping more "up and down" as opposed to back and forth and that has got to be good - it sure feels better.

Bruce M.

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the bike fit you did for me. I am able to ride faster and I don't think I have done anything different from last year other than the bike fit. My right knee doesn't bother me like it did before and my back hasn't bothered me either. The hot spots in my feet are gone and my hands don't tingle as quickly.

Cyndy and Burl

We were really impressed with our Body Geometry fit. We are starting to do long distance rides, and wanted our bikes to be comfortable. You made us feel at ease during the process and you spent the time needed to fit us properly. Some things felt all right to us when we were on the trainer, but with your expertise, you suggested we try something different (ie: narrower handle bars) and surprisingly even the little changes you made, took away pressure points. You did not rush us, and if we weren't sure if a change was better or worse you just switched back and forth until we figured it out. We have only been able to use the bikes on our trainer so far, and it even makes that bearable. Can't wait till the snow goes and we can test them on the road. The fact that we can come back for a 1/2 hour adjustment, if something doesn't quite work, is great.

Andrew F.

I can report that I do feel a real improvement in many areas. I truly am on my sit bones now and it feels better and was even commented on by another rider that they noticed I sat differently on the saddle. Shortening the stem and angling it up has really been noticeable in extra power especially when I'm climbing out of the saddle. I'm more straight up and down instead of leaning forward so power is more direct.


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