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Check out the Retrospec Fixed Gear, Single Speed and Urban Bikes and Accessories at Erik's Bike Shop. Buy online with Free Shipping or purchase in-store at your local Erik's.

What you need to know about Retrospec Bikes and Accessories:

Many companies dabble in the Fixed Gear scene, but Retrospec is 100% focused on designing and manufacturing fixie, single speed and urban bikes along with accessories to accent your own steed. What sets Retrospec apart is their commitment to creating functional products with a flawless design that look kick-ass and are priced to keep your wallet looking healthy. The Retrospec Bicycle line includes Fixies, Single Speed and Urban bikes. Steel frames and forks are combined with various components to create bikes that will fulfill your fixed gear or single speed needs. Check out the Beta Series Fixed Gear Bikes , the Saint Urban Fixies or Sidhartha Single Speed Bike. All of these steeds are available to buy online and all of them qualify for free shipping! Erik's is your online fixie store with bikes available to buy online and a range of critical components to finish your custom fixed gear bicycle. What components do we carry from Retrospec? Well check the page above, but we have their awesome All-Star Deep V Fixed Gear Single Speed Wheelset. Not only is this fixie wheelset built up with killer Deep V Rims in various colors and a flip-flop hub, the crazy low price includes both a freewheel and track cog pre-installed. And to get even crazier, the cheap price on this fixie wheelset also includes tires and tubes!!! And then we get all caught up in the mind-blowing prices and throw free shipping in the mix too. So you get a Fixed Gear/Single Speed Wheelset, Freewheel, Track Cog, Tires and Tubes shipped to your door for $139.99. WOW! But now you have some juicer colored rims for your urban bike build, surely you need to add even more pop with a crankset. Retrospec has you covered with the All-Star Single Speed Crank Set. Again, you get quality components available in a huge range of colors so you can either match the rest of your bike, or get all funky and combine pink fixie cranks with your green wheels. The All-Star Crankset is available in 44T, 46T or 48T Chainring options with a 165mm crank arm length. This three piece alloy crankset is $39.99 and is ready to bolt onto a square taper bottom bracket (not included). And what else do you need to finish off your custom single speed bike build? Color matched (or contrasted) All-Star Grips and Retrospec Saddle. Again, Retrospec has you covered and if you don't like rocking clip-in pedals, round off the steed with their BMX straps to keep your feet firmly attached to the pedals as you hop curbs, bust out massive skids or practice riding backwards. So no matter if you need new fixie rims and tires, new cranks or a full bike Retrospec and Erik's has you covered. All of these items can be purchased online with some of them qualifying for Free Shipping, or check them out in store at our Dinkytown or Madison Downtown Locations.

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