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Specialized Road Bikes

specialized road bikes

Started in 1974, Specialized's drive has always been innovation and creating excellent products for people who love to ride bikes. With Tour De France winning race bikes, relaxed geometry endurance road bikes, air slicing Tri and Time Trial Bikes and dirt capable Cyclocross bikes whatever you want to ride, Specialized has an innovative and performance packed option for you!

Raleigh Road Bikes

raleigh road bikes

Founded in 1887, Raleigh Bicycles is named for the street the company was first located on in Nottingham, England. Today, Raleigh is a name synonymous with bicycles and the company maintains a strong heritage in their bikes while pushing technology forward with each new model. From retro steel commuting road bikes, to full carbon Di2 Dropbar Bikes, Raleigh has a full range of road bikes at awesome prices.

Bianchi Road Bikes

Bianchi road bikes

Started in 1885, Bianchi is the world's oldest bicycle manufacturer and is celebrating it's 130th year in business. From the beginning Bianchi has focused on innovation and this tradition of innovation has continued to this day, and bike such as the Infinito CV with Countervail technology are considered category leaders by many.

Pinarello Road Bikes

Pinarello Road Bikes

Pinarello is a storied brand in Italian Cycling History. The company was founded by Giovanni Pinarello in 1952. As a Pro Racer he has instilled his passion for Road Racing Bikes into every bike and frame they produce.

Road Bikes at ERIK'S

If you're looking for comfort, speed or performance, ERIK'S has the road bike for you. Whether you're interested in racing, recreational riding or commuting, we can help you find the right road bike! We offer the best products from Specialized, Bianchi and Raleigh and will find you an ideal bike match with an expert fit! We also have all the accessories and apparel you need to make sure you enjoy every moment on the bike, whether it is cruising the lakes with friends on the perfect summer day, or slogging out a training ride in the cold rain. Our expert staff will get you on the right bike with the right gear quickly and easily so you can get out and ride!

Tips for the Cycling Beginner

Joining the cycling community can sometimes be an intimidating experience. At ERIK'S, we have expert staff on hand to help put your mind at ease while getting you on the right equipment from day one. We will walk you through the appropriate setup no matter what skill level you're at - from beginner to expert we have the knowledge and equipment to help you excel! We've put together a quick tips hit list to help ensure you're prepared for your first ride:
  • The Right Bike Fit: Having the right bike fit will get you rolling down the road at top efficiency while saving energy. At Erik's Bike and Board, we have an expertly trained staff ready to fit you for your bike. We can't stress enough how important having a bike fit is in terms of your riding success.
  • Cycling Apparel: Wearing the right cycling apparel is a crucial element to enjoying your ride and staying sharp on the road. Padded cycling shorts will help prevent saddle soreness, while a nice-fitting weather appropriate jersey will keep your body running at the right core temperature. Often times beginners forget gloves, which are critical for reducing blisters and saving the digits if an unexpected fall was to occur.
  • A Helmet: You aren't you without a good head on your shoulders. Riding with a helmet is smart practice and sets a great example for younger riders.
  • Flat Changing Skills and Gear: It might not happen right away, but eventually you will have a tire go down. Having the right knowledge to change a flat during your ride adds peace of mind. Having the right tools and gear on hand allows you to venture farther off the beaten path! To gain the knowledge on how to change a flat, check out one of Erik's Bike and Board Park Tool Classes.
  • Ambition: You have to want it. Whether you're passionate about cycling or are using it as a cross training or weight losing exercise, you need to keep the desire to ride alive. Erik's Riders Club is a great way to stay involved and keep the passion. Plus, you get great Erik's benefits and meet like minded riders. What's not to like?

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