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What is Cyclocross Racing?
Cyclocross racing was developed in Europe in the early 1900’s as a way for road racers to remain fit during
fall and winter. It makes a great training supplement to both road and mountain bikers as the races are short
and held regularly rain or shine.

A Typical Cyclocross Course
Typical cyclocross courses are 1.5- to 2-mile loops on a mix of paved and off-road surfaces over flat-to-rolling
terrain. Usually, races lasts an hour plus a lap. But, what makes cross such a unique and challenging sport is
that courses always include obstacles that force riders to dismount and run while carrying their bikes.

What type of bike should I ride?
Cyclocross Bike - A cyclocross bike features the drop bars and 700c wheels of traditional road bikes,
but has cantilever brakes for better stopping power and additional clearance for wide, knobby tires and
any mud the tires pick up. The frame, offers widely spaced stays for mud-covered tires to spin without
jamming. And the frame's bottom bracket (where the crankset is mounted) is higher for additional clearance
over obstacles and for pedaling around corners.
Benefits - Cyclocross bikes are lighter making them easier to carry, and faster. Plus, swap out the
components and tires for road riding or touring.
Other Options - You could also modify a mountain bike or road bike if you are just getting started.

Cyclocross Bike Brands
At Erik's Bike and Board Shop, we offer cyclocross bikes from Specialized, Raleigh and Redline. Stop into
your local Erik's Bike and Board Shop, find your size and go for a test ride to find the right bike for you.

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