Erik's Bicycle Guide - Let us find the Best Bike for you!

Erik's Bike Shop carries the largest selection of bikes in the Midwest. With top brands like Specialized, Raleigh, Wilier, Pinarello, Haro, Fit Bike Co, Eastern, Dahon and more in stock, if you need a bike, we have it along with the experts to make sure you best the best shopping experience.

What styles of Bikes does Erik's Carry?

Whether you ride trails, roads, or anything in between, we've got a type of bike to meet your needs. Short rides, long rides, races or charity events and more; we've ridden them and our staff has the expertise to get you riding.

How will Erik's Staff help me find the right style of bike?

Where do you want to ride? How often do you plan on riding? Do you ride alone or with others? What are your riding goals? These are just some of the questions Erik's staff will ask to get you the perfect bike.

What Type of Bike is right for me?

Depending on where you ride, how you ride, and who you ride with there can be multiple bikes that are "right" for you. The most important consideration aside from your interests is size. Erik's experts have a conversation with every rider to determine both the right size and bike based on these interests. For a general idea, consider some of the typical styles below and the types of riding they are best suited for.

Erik's Extras when you buy a bike

Free Professional, Quality Assembly and Accessory Installation

Erik's Expert Staff fully assembles your new bicycle at no charge. Accessories purchased with your new bike at Erik's will be installed Free of Charge on your new bike.

Free Two Years Bicycle Adjustments and One Free Tune-Up (MP-2)

Free Adjustments at no charge during the first two years you own your new bike for Erik's. One Free Tune-up within the first year of owning your new bike purchased at Erik's.

Free Lifetime Extended Parts Warranty

Erik's Parts Warranty extends the manufacturer's warranty on any new bike purcahased from Erik's. This covers any parts defect for as long as you own your new bicycle from Erik's.

Halfback Trade-In Program

When its time to upgrade your bike, Erik's will give you half the original Sales Price of the bike back as store credit towards the purchase of a new bike at Erik's. Applies to bicycles under $1000 at time of purchase. Click here for details.

Bicycle and Burley Trade-Ins

Trade-in your used bicycle or Burley Trailer for credit towards the purchase of a new bicycle at Erik's. Eligibility for trade and Trade in value will be determined after a full inspection of the bicycle of Burley Trailer only at time of Trade-In.

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Road Bike Guide

Erik's Bike Shop carries the largest selection of Road bikes in the Midwest. With top brands like Specialized, Raleigh, Wilier and Pinarello we have Drop Bar Road Bikes, Road Race Bikes, Endurance Road Bikes, Triathlon Bikes, Touring Bikes and more to fit your road riding needs!

What is a Road Bike?

A Road Bike is a lightweight bike with 700c wheels and skinny tires that has been designed to be as efficient as possible when riding on paved roads or trails. If your riding is more relaxed, road bikes provide comfort on long days in the saddle. Do you love getting out for a few hours or all day on a weekend? Maybe you enjoy the nimble handling of a road bike or the ability to "race" against friends. Road bikes are designed to take riders further, faster, or both. For those interested in racing, as well as non-racers, a road bike is a great option.

What Type of Road Bike is right for me?

If your aim is to ride as fast and as hard as possible, or even race, then a Race Road Bike (Performance Road Bike) might be the best choice for you. If you prefer to rack up the miles over longer periods and need equal levels of comfort and performance, check out our selection of Endurance Road Bikes. The Flatbar Road Bike crosses the line between Road Bike and Hybrid Bike; an excellent choice for a rider who wants the efficiency and speed of a road bike, but with the upright riding position and comfort of a Hybrid Bike. Thinking about riding your road bike off-road, on gravel or during the winter? Then think about a Cyclocross bike. Looking to go the long haul? A Touring Bike allows you to load all your gear onto your bike for weekend (or longer) trips. If you are looking for a simple means of urban transport, Single Speed Road Bikes (or if you're really brave, Fixies) get rid of gears to reduce maintenance and give you a pure connection to the road.

What size Road Bike should I buy?

Fitting a road bike is one of the most important aspects of your road bike purchase. At Erik's we have a team of expert bike fitters working in every store who can assist you in purchasing the right size bike for you. With every Road Bike purchase at Erik's, we include our $60 Bike Fitting Service for Free.

Mountain Bike Guide

Erik's Bike Shop carries the largest selection of Mountain Bikes in the Midwest. With top brands like Specialized and Raleigh we have Full Suspension MTBs, Hardtails, 29ers and more to fit your Mountain Biking needs!

What is a Mountain Bike?

Built to withstand the demands of technical trails, mountain bikes have wide tires with good grip and suspension to smooth out the rougher parts of the trail. Many Mountain Bikes (MTB) have some form of suspension. MTBs can have either Front Suspension or they can be full suspension with both Front and Rear Shocks. As you will often find yourself riding at good speeds on terrain that does not afford good traction and in conditions that might be far from optimal (i.e. mud) some Mountain Bikes are equipped with disc brakes that significantly increases the braking performance.

What Type of Mountain Bike is right for me?

If you are hoping to ride as fast as possible on reasonably smooth trails (i.e. you want to race your Mountain Bike) you will be looking for maximum efficiency and minimum weight. Generally most of these riders will go with a Hardtail 29 inch Wheeled Mountain Bike. The bigger wheel on these bikes adds efficiency and helps the bike to roll over obstacles. The Front Suspension will make the ride smoother without adding significant weight. If you will be riding rougher terrain and not going for all out speed (except for when you're bombing the downhills) then you may want to consider a Full Suspension Mountain Bike, and if the trails are going to be really tight and technical, a 26 inch Wheeled Mountain Bike allows for tighter handling. New to Mountain Biking, or looking for an inexpensive, do anything bike? Our entry level hardtail Mountain Bikes (both 26" and 29ers) are an easy and inexpensive way to get into the sport.

What size Mountain Bike do I need?

Although riders concerned with all out performance will certainly take advantage of our Advanced Fit Services, given the upright riding position on a Mountain Bike, and how much you will be moving around on the bike, sizing a Mountain Bike is something all of our Expert Sales Staff can take care of quickly for you in store quickly and easily.

Bike Path Bike Guide

Erik's Bike Shop carries the largest selection of Bike Path Bikes in the Midwest. With top brands like Specialized and Raleigh we have Hybrid Bikes, Event Bikes, Multi-Use Bikes, Comfort Bikes and Cruiser Bike to meet your Bike Path Riding needs!

What is a Bike Path Bike?

A Bike Path Bike is basically any bicycle that you would want to ride on a paved bike trail. The aim of this category of bike is to be as comfortable as possible whilst still being efficient. Perfect for riders who love to cruise round the lake, enjoy a leisurely bike commute, or just want a bike that is easy and fun to ride, the Bike Path Category has a bike that you will love to ride!

What Type of Bike Path Bicycle is right for me?

If your goal is to ride medium distances on fully paved trails in comfort then a Traditional Hybrid is perfect for you. If you are looking for a little more stability and comfort and will likely be riding shorter distances a Comfort Hybrid has slightly smaller wheels and wider tires that suit your riding needs. If you want the comfort and efficiency of a Traditional Hybrid bike, but with even more versatility to ride on non-paved trails, commute during the winter or even hit the Mountain Bike Trails once in a while, a Multi-Use Hybrid is the steed for you. If you are looking for the speed of a road bike to cover long distances, but want a more upright riding position for comfort a Flatbar Road Bike (also known as Event or Fitness Bike) is the way to go. Finally, if you are looking for the ultimate in comfort for literally cruising the neighborhood (or beaches) a Cruiser bike is simple, very easy to ride and super fun.

What Size of Bike Path Bike do I need?

Given the upright riding position and comfort design of most Bike Path Bikes, fitting is relatively simple. Our highly trained sales staff will easily and quickly pick out the right bike size for you, and then you can take it for a test ride to get a feel for the fun, comfort and ease you will experience when riding a Bike Path Style Bike!

Women's Bike Guide

Erik's Bike Shop carries the largest selection of Women's Specific Bikes in the Midwest. With top brands like Specialized and Raleigh we have Women's Road Bikes, Women's Mountain Bikes, Women's Hybrod Bikes in stock. If you need a ladies bike, we have it along with the experts to make sure you best the best shopping experience.

What is a Women's Specific Bike?

Women are obviously built differently than men, and a good Women's Specific Bike will take this into account to create a more comfortable, easier to ride, better fitting and often lighter weight bike. With different geometries, components that are chosen to better fit female cyclists and frames that are built to be lighter and more compliant, a great women's bike is so much more than a "pretty' paint job!

What Type of Women's Bike is right for me?

Realizing how much difference a good Women's Specific Bike can make to female riders, we carry Women's Specific Bikes in pretty much every bike category we carry. From race ready road bikes, to endurance and beginner road bikes, we have awesome choices from Specialized and Raleigh. If Mountain Biking is your thing, we have Full Suspension Trail Shredders, Women's Specific 29ers and a huge range of Hardtail MTB's designed specifically for and by Women. And if you are looking for something for more recreational cycling, there are a huge range of options in the Bike Path Category including Traditional Hybrids, Comfort Bikes, Multi-Use Bikes and Cruisers.

What Size of Women's Bike do I need?

This depends very much on the style of bike you are looking for. If you are wanting a road bike, our expert road bike sales staff will use our fit system to determine what size or Women's Road Bike you need (or even if you might fit better on a Men's Road Bike). If you are looking for something in the Mountain Bike or Bike Path Category our highly trained sales staff can quickly and easily get you on the right sized bike and you can get test riding to see how much fun you could be having on your new Women's Bike!

Youth Bike Guide

Erik's Bike Shop carries the largest selection of Youth Bikes in the Midwest. With top brands like Specialized and Raleigh we have Kids Bikes for your very youngest riders who need training wheels up until they are ready to move on up to an Adult's Bike. We also have the experts to make sure you get the best shopping experience.

What is a Youth Bike?

The category of Youth Bikes covers bicycles for your youngest riders who need a 12" Bike with Training Wheels, all the way through to the point where they are ready for an Adult's bike. The beauty of the Kids Bikes we carry is the range, we have run bikes (also known as balance bikes), 12" and 16" bikes for kids who need to learn riding with training wheels, 20" kids bikes (both with a coaster brake or with gears and hand brakes) and a range of 24" bikes that can suit a number of riding needs from aspiring Mountain Bikers to Road Bikers and everything in between.

What Type of Youth Bike is right for my kid?

The best way to teach your kid how to ride their bike is in easy, progressive steps. Although all kids will learn at different paces, the general progression is: Start with a 12" Bike with Training Wheels or a run bike. Depending on how quick your kid learns and grows they can either learn to ride without training wheels on their 12" bike or once they have got used to their 16" bike. From there, upgrade bikes as needed depending on how fast the kid is growing and eventually what kind of riding the child prefers. And remember that Erik's has a Halfback Trade-In policy so you get half of the original value of the bike back towards the purchase of the next bike!

What Size of Youth Bike does my child need?

As a very basic guide we usually recommend 12" Bikes for 3-5 Year Olds, 16" Bikes for 4-6 Year Olds, 20" Bikes for 5-9 Year Olds, 24" Bikes for 8-12 Year Olds and 26" Bikes for 11-14 Year Olds. All sizes are referencing wheel sizes. Of course all kids vary in height, weight and riding ability, so our expert staff will make sure that your child is on a bike that is safe and easy to ride, with room for growth.

BMX Bike Guide

Erik's Bike Shop carries the largest selection of BMX bikes in the Midwest. With top brands like Specialized, Haro, Fit Bike Co, Eastern, Redline and more in stock, if you need a BMX bike, we have it. Most of our BMX Bikes are available to buy online with Free Shipping and Free Professional Assembly!

What is a BMX Bike?

BMX Bikes are primarily 20" wheeled bikes that are designed for one of 2 purposes: doing tricks (Freestyle BMX) or going fast on a track (Race BMX). Although BMX bikes do look small, and are often ridden by kids, BMX Bikes are also designed to be ridden by adults too.

What Type of BMX Bike is right for me (or my kid)?

The most important thing to consideration is if you are looking for a Freestyle BMX or a Racing BMX? BMX Race Bike Frames are usually constructed from lightweight Aluminum as they give the best stiffness to weight ratio. If you are planning on heading to the race track you will want the lightest, stiffest Race BMX Bike you can afford. Freestyle BMX Frames are usually constructed from Hi-Ten Steel or Chromoly (Cro-Mo). The more Chromoly Tubes the frame has, the lighter and stronger it will be. If you (or your child) is going to be hitting the Streets, Skatepark or Dirt Jumps on this BMX Bike, then we would always recommend purchasing the highest quality BMX Bike your budget can afford. Not only will this ensure they are likely to have more fun and be safe, the components on the bike are going to be higher quality too, meaning that you won't be replacing or repairing components as much.

What Size of BMX Bike do I (or my kid) need?

Sizing a BMX Bike depends on the style of riding you want to do. For Race BMX Bikes, there are a number of common sizes from Micro through to Pro XXL. Different brands have different sizing and geometry, but usually a size will equate to a height range of the rider. We have size charts on most of our Racing BMX Pages to help you make a selection. For Freestyle BMX Bikes there is less variation in frame size and personal preference usually comes into it much more. Size is measured by Top Tube Length in inches. Anything in the 18-20" range would usually be considered a kids BMX, whereas anything 20.5"+ is more of an adult sized BMX.

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